AUB Alma Mater Anthem


Far, far above the waters, 
Of the deep blue sea, 
Lies the Campus of the College,
Where we love to be.
Far away, behold!
Far beyond,
Rising hoary to the heavens, 
Clad in glorious sheen.

Look before us!
Shout the chorus!
See the banner of wave.
AUB in thee we glory,
Make us true and brave.

From Iraq or from Arabia, 
From the Banks so green
Of the great Egyptian river, 
Or from
From the waters of
 serene We salute thee, 
Alma Mater! Oriental Queen.

Hail to thee,our Alma Mater! 
We would ever be
Worthy children. Make us faithful 
 e'er to thee! 
 so'er the land that calls us, 
E'en across the sea. 
We'll salute thee, Alma Mater

Hail! O Hail!
 to thee.