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Links and Books Of Interest :

1. Arab - American Anti-Discrimination Committee Chapters

2. The Country of Palestine

3. The Institute For Palestine Studies

4. The Council for Palestinian Restitution and Repatriation (CPRR)

5. Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center

6. A commemoration Site on Nakba (Cataclysm)

7. Norman Finkelstein

8. Middle East Crisis Committee, New Haven

9. Israeli lobby influence on US Policy on Middle East

10. United for Peace & Jusice

11. CounterPunch:
America's Best Newsletter

12. Right of repatriation/compensation for Palestinians, an individual right:
By John Quingley

13. Intifada - Palestinians News

14. One Nation Under Israel....Book

15. We Hold These Truths

16. Middle East, historic documents.

17. Interesting Quotes.

18. Jewish Critics of Zionism.

19. The Home Of All Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians.

20. Paul Schlegel:
The Israel Of God.

21. A Collection of Journalist Truths Suppressed
By The Mainstream Media

A artistic-political Irish publication.

23. Lovearth Network
We Are Opposed to Cunning and Deceit

24. Professor Revilo P. Oliver

25. The Writings of Israel Shamir:
Championing Democracy for Israel & Palestine

26. Mel Gibson's Movie:
Why Do Jewish leaders Want to Censor Mel Gibson

27. A Satanic Plot for a One World Government
The World Conspirators: the Illuminati

28. Illuminati Conspiracy Archive

29. Articles of Interest

30. Comments on the Pentagon Strike

31. United Nations: The Origins And Evolution Of The Palestine Problem, 1917-1947

32. Palestine. dying to live

33. The American Task Forse on Palestine (ATFP)
ATFP is making remarkable inroads to the administration, to the diplomatic corps, and among all who care deeply about the Middle East

34. The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy (MIFTAH)
Secretary General: Professor Hanan Ashrawi

35. peacepalestine

36. umkahlil blog

37. Neturei Karta International
Jews United Against Zionism

38. The Case Against Israel, a book, by Michael Neumann

39. Zionism: The Real Enemy Of The Jews, a book, by Alan Hart

40. One Nation Under Israel, a book, by Andrew Hurley

41. They Dare to Speak Out, a book, by Paul Findley

42. Free Palestine
End Israel's Occupation: 40 years too many

43. Pawns in the Game
by William Guy Carr (Author) 1955... A Book

44. Australians for Palestine

Seeks to dispel the myths and disinformation about Palestine in Australia by actively engaging with the media, academic institutions, Federal and State Parliaments, governmental bodies, NGOs, and the community at large.

45. We Are Wide Awake
WAWA is dedicated to confronting media and governments that shield the whole truth.

46. The National Prayer Network, Truth Tellers
Truth Tellers

47. I wish the Americans Knew
If Americans Knew

48. Middle East Monitor
Creating New Perspectives

حكومة العالم الخفية على حافة الانهيار - تحليل وثائقي تاريخي

50. James Stenzel Presents... This Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist Criminality
Jew Watch

The Jew Watch Project Is The Internet's Largest Scholarly Collection of Articles on Zionist History
Free Educational Library for Private Study, Scholarship, Research & News About Zionism
We Reveal Zionist Banksters, News Falsifiers, PR Liars, Neocons, Subversives, Terrorists & Spies
The Jew Watch Project's 1.5 Billion Pages Served Demonstrate Our Focus on Professionalism
An Oasis of News for Americans Who Presently Endure the Hateful Censorship of Zionist Occupation

51. Auschwitz: Myths and Facts

Auschwitz was unquestionably a place of horror, where many perished under terrible circumstances. And yet, much of what has been said about the camp is exaggerated or untrue. A close look at the facts calls into question at least some aspects of its reputation as a center of systematic mass extermination.

.52. The Palestine National Orchestra
The Palestinian National Orchestra:
Today an orchestra, tomorrow a state.

.53. The Palestinian Holocaust The Palestinian Shoah

.54. Watch Current Issues TV. Think Outside the FOX

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