Watch Annabs gathering at the Farm (Serenity World 2013)

The Annabs at Mohammad's house June 2010

Zuhair, Ziyad and Munther Annab at the Farm with 42 abbabs June 2015

Zuhair at the Farm, snowing Jan. 2002

Fireplace at Serenity World

My children, from left: Samir, Ghada & Hassan

My son Omar, Noor, Zuhair Jr. and Aya

My grandaughter Aya's Degree with First Class Honors

My grandaughter Lisa

My grandchildren Lisa & Khaled

Omar & Lisa on a camel, Dead Sea

My daughter Ghada

My wife Hala and I

Zuhair at International College
on A.U.B. University campus, third from left,
first seated row, 1942 graduating class

Zuhair skiing in Lebanon 1946

Zuhair at A.U.B. University Dec., 1947

Zuhair (1954), Captain - The Royal Medical Services - Jordanian Army.

Zuhair Family 1954

Zuhair: London Museum, 1955

Zuhair (1958), Major - The Royal Medical Services - Jordanian Army.

Shield awarded to Zuhair on resigning from the army in 1962

Widad and me 1956 returning back home

Widad and me 1956 returning back home
from England by our Vauxhall car through Europe,
until Naples, where we continued on board SS Enotria to Beirut

Zuhair & Munther at the Farm

Zuhair Sept. 2008

Zuhair 1939 at Haifa - Palestine

Zuhair Birthday 2014

Lina & Zuhair Oct. 5, 2014

Zuhair Oct. 5, 2014

Zuhair and grandaughter Nisreen
on her A Level graduation ceremony, June 2, 2006

My father Haj Hasan

My nephew Hasan (one year)Birthday 1947

My mother Bahira

My brother Radi, Chief of Staff - Jordanian Army

My brother Radi (R.I.P.), honored by King Hussain (R.I.P.)

My Sister Om Kulthoum

From left: Late Om Kulthoum, Bahira and Widad

My brother Haidar and his son Hasan

Zuhair's brothers & sisters

From left: Miqdad, Zuhair, Zuhaira, Obeida & Mazhar

My brother Miqdad

My son Hassan & Grandson Yazan

My grand-daughter Dana, graduation 2001

My grand-daughter Widad, graduation 2010

My grand-daughters Dana, Loulu and Mays

My son Samir & family

My grandson Hisham & his son Mazen

At the Farm: Annab family 2009

My grandchildrn Yazan & Widad May 28,2009

From left: Hassan, Zuhair & Yazan, 2010

Lulu my grandaughter 2010

Miqdad at the Farm Sept.11, 2010.
He passed away on Sept. 17, 2010,
God bless his soul.

Ghada Honored & Recieving Certificate of Azhievement September 21, 2013

Flowers At The Farm

Lilies, Hyacynth, Daffodil, Poppies, Rumman, Tulips

Yellow Narcissus, Serenity Flower, Violet Narcissus, Gardenia, Angels trumpets (Datura candida), Amaryllis

Apricots, Grapes, Wild Flower, Bee

16_rosebar.jpg (9349 bytes)

16_rosebar.jpg (9349 bytes)

The Farm 1973, it was barren.

Serenity World 2007

Datura blossom at the Farm 2007

Farm garden 2007

Beautiful flower at the farm

Spectacular night view of The Jordan Valley,
photo captured from the Farm.
Yellow lights are
Israeli Settlements in the Jordan Valley,
40 long years of occupatin

Petra Ruins

Another view at Petra Ruins

Wadi Saffi, South Jordan

Another view at Wadi Saffi

Jamr watching over the Farm

Caesar relaxing

Lovely cats

Snappers (Fishing in New Zealand)

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