A Nation Dispossessed, Dehumanized and Under Siege

Palestinian am I
No one can take away from me
My identity,
For it is mine.
Palestinian am I.

I am the river that flows
Through my land.
I am the mountain
Noble and magnificent
Rising up out of chaos and destruction.

I greet the morning sun
That shines down on my fertile valleys
And parches my barren desert.

I am the red poppy and yellow daffodil
That grow upon my bloodstained hills.
I am the battle cry of freedom
That echoes through my corridors
And every fiber of my being.

Palestinian am I.
I am the proud owner of
Orange orchards and lemon blossoms
And honey bees, wild and free.

I am the David child wielding a single stone
Against the Israeli Goliath.
I am not afraid,
For truth is with me and God is on my side.

If I die,
A choir of angels will honor me
And later, my parents will grasp my outstretched hand
And join me in Heaven.

I am the tears of
Mothers weeping for their dead sons.
I am the footsteps of ancient prophets
Who foretold of doom and destruction
To those who torture and oppress me.

My brethren are the doves, hummingbirds and seagulls
That fly unhindered above my sea.
I am Palestinian,
Therefore, I am.

No one can take my identity
Away from me,
Not tanks or guns or bombs
Meant to desecrate me and kill me.
My country lives in me.

I am the cry of liberty
No matter what they take from me,
They can't take away my identity
Or my dignity.
Palestinian am I.

By: Edna Yaghi

TalkingStickTV - Alison Weir - The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel

The Palestine Review, detailed Documentary Abot Palestine

Watch the video:
The conspiracy of Creating Israel

Interesting Quotes by prominent Israelis…A receipe for certain failure

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Gideon Levy: Does unconditional support for Israel endanger Israeli voices

For the past forty-five years the state of Israel has been dispossessing millions of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories, confiscating their lands, destroying homes, bulldozing orchards and setting-up ‘Jews-only’ colonial settlements serviced by highways, electrical systems and water works for the exclusive use of the settlers and occupying soldiers. The process of Israeli territorial expansion throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem has greatly accelerated in recent years, converting Palestinian-held territory into non-viable isolated enclaves – like South Africa’s Bantustans – surrounded by the Israeli soldiers who protect violent settler-vigilantes as they assault and harass Palestinian farmers at work in their fields, beat Arab children on their way to school , pelt Palestinian housewives as they hang their laundry and then invade and defecate in Palestinian mosques and churches.

At New York University: Haneen Zoabi, Arab member of Israeli Knesset, addressing audience

World Politics in one sketch!

The present path that the state of Israel is on is unsustainable. The occupation of another people and the denial of their national aspirations and their rights is not only morally unacceptable, it is a fatal threat to the entire enterprise of the state of Israel.

US President Benjamin Franklin's comments on Jews

During the drafting of the Constitution in 1789, Benjamin Franklin said at the convention concerning Jewish immigration. (Original in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.)

"There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen , in whichever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempted to strangle the nation financially as in the case of Portugal and Spain."

"For more than 1700 years they have lamented their sorrowful fate, namely that they were driven out of the motherland; but gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine as theirproperty , they would immediately find pressing reasons for not returning there. Why? Because they are vampires and cannot live on other vampires. They cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race."

"If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than a hundred years they will stream into our country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they remain in the Counting House gleefully rubbing their hands."

"I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children`s children will curse you in your grave."

"Their ideas are not those of Americans. The leopard cannot change his spots. The Jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter, they will imperil its institutions."

"They should be excluded by the Constitution."

- Ben Franklin....1789


Benjamin Freedman - 1961 Posted Dec. 10, 2008 Introductory Note: Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing and amazing individuals of the 20th century. Born in 1890, he was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City at one time principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States. Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times. This speech was given before a patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley's patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense. Though in some minor ways this wide-ranging and extemporaneous speech has become dated, Mr. Freedman's essential message to us -- his warning to the West -- is more urgent than ever before. -- K.A.S.

Benjamin Freedman Speaks:

Read the full speech

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1
Thomas Dalton

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 2
Thomas Dalton

Rupert Murdoch : master of world's media. Click and read


President J F Kennedy's Words:


The vow of
"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"
that Jewish controlled media would corrupt the nations through
“an unremitting emphasis on sex.”


Alan Hart At Freiburg Conference 11 Sep. 2011 I describe the conflict in and over Palestine that became the Zionist - not Jewish! - state of Israel as the cancer at the heart of international affairs; and I believe that without a cure this cancer will consume us all.

I also believe that almost nothing is more important than crossing and actually eliminating the boundaries that have prevented, and to a very large extent do still prevent, informed and honest discussion about who must do what and why for justice for the Palestinians and peace for all. And that�s why I was pleased to accept an invitation to address this conference.

World Forum for Democracy:
Statement by Ms Nawal El Saadawi

Martin Luther King Jr. said:
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Mahatma Gandhi's words:

"The day the oppressed says that he is not frightened or does not care about tyranny of the oppressor, the tool of tyranny is nullified. That's how all the former ruthless empires collapsed and that's what the British colonials are noticing all over India , the beginning of the end of their rule."

...and that's what the Israelis have noticed today, that oppression is having backlash against them not only in Palestine but also in the world.

"Palestinians Are Determined To Go Back To Their Homes & Lands At Any Cost,
And To Have An Independent Sovereign Contiguous Viable Palestinian State.
They have taken their irrevocable decision."
"It is better to die on your feet
than to walk crawling on your knees"

Jewish academic Dr Agustin Velloso:

"Israel is a state that violates international law since it was established, disobeys United Nations’ resolutions, illegally occupies and colonises Arab territory, attacks defenceless civilians causing thousands of dead and injured, subjects the entire population of the Gaza Strip – more than half of whom are children – to a siege which hardly varies from that imposed by the Nazis in the concentration camps."

Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza:
"A Slaughter of Innocents"
Watch the video

Palestinian Freedom Fighter:
I Am The Resistance
You can call me names but history knows I am a hero

Click and watch:An Open Letter To Sen. Harry Reid re: Gaza

Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel
or just the most heroic?

His Words:

“My biggest struggle,” he says, “is to rehumanize the Palestinians. There’s a whole machinery of brainwashing in Israel which really accompanies each of us from early childhood, and I’m a product of this machinery as much as anyone else. [We are taught] a few narratives that it’s very hard to break. That we Israelis are the ultimate and only victims. That the Palestinians are born to kill, and their hatred is irrational. That the Palestinians are not human beings like us? So you get a society without any moral doubts, without any questions marks, with hardly public debate. To raise your voice against all this is very hard.

In Israel we have Jewish Israelis, who have full democracy and have full civil rights. We have the Israeli Arabs, who have Israeli citizenship but are severely discriminated against. And we have the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, who live without any civil rights, and without any human rights. Is that a democracy?”

Click and read the whole article

How the U.S. was used to create Israel
Click on the following link

Nashional summit to reasses the U.S. - Israel "Special Relationship"

Palestine coins 1927

Click and watch:US Senator Ron Paul
What if the People Wake Up?

As long as Israel is allowed to delude itself into believing that persecuting and oppressing the native Palestinians are actually security measures, there will be righteous indignation and perpetual war.

It is the Israeli Army that determines the public discourse. And as the former Chief Rabbi of France lamented in Jerusalem: "Peace has become a dirty word in Israel".

Israel continues to occupy and colonize the Palestinian lands it took by force in 1967 in defiance of international law and 32 UN security council resolutions.

a new perspective on the Right of Return
Miko Peled Seattle. Oct. 1, 2012

2. The Right of Return

The area around us is very volatile and in turmoil and has exploded like a volcano by the terrorist barbaric groups and their daily executions, in addition to their daily explosions against innocent people. On top of that Israel keeps occupying Palestine, the Golan Heights in Syria and Shabaa in South Lebanon. The United Nations General Assembly and Security Council issued Resolutions:

181, 194, 242, 252, 338, and 425,

(click the number to read text)

asking Israel to withdraw from the lands occupied and allow refugees to go back to their land and homes.

After the long Israeli occupation to South Lebanon in 1982, under Hezbollah (Lebanese resistance) pressure, Israel withdrew from there leaving behind their Lebanese collaborators (militiamen) who took refuge in Israel.

Some of these Resolutions were taken by the U.N. so many years ago and until now the lands are still occupied by Israel, and the refugees still are in their miserable camps,

but none was implemented by Israel.

Israel has told the UN to stuff more than 60-odd Resolutions in the air.

In U.N. Speech, Noam Chomsky Blasts United States for Supporting Israel,
Blocking Palestinian State

Israel has an unmatched record of defying UN resolutions, as the enforcer of the world's longest illegal occupation, and the world's most lawless, brutal and unjust occupation.

Israel has a carte blanche to kill, destroy and settle. The U.S. long ago gave up the role of honest broker, and Europe is now following in its footsteps. How depressing !!!!!

In 1947-48, the Zionist paramilitary terror organizations that would later become the Israeli army carried out a premeditated ethnic cleansing of Palestine during and after the British Mandate, they ethnically cleansed more than 400 villages and 13 cities, forcing out almost 800,000 indigenous Palestinians, systematically committing tens of massacres. That ethnic cleansing, referred to by Palestinians as theNakba (Catastrophe), is the reason Gaza is one of the most populated areas in the world, as it is populated by many of those refugees and their descendants. Israel, the US and most of the Western world would like to expunge that 1948 crime from the record. The resistance today in Gaza is the revolt of a people that refuses to be erased.

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organised violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do"

(Samuel P Huntington).

Palestinian Pound during the British Mandate

The ethnic cleansing of 1948 is an ongoing reality that has been unfolding for over 60 years, until today: ongoing theft of the remaining Palestinian land and water, demolition of thousands of homes, the making of the Gaza Strip and Palestinian cities into concentration camps surrounded by an eight-meter-high cement wall and electrical fences, inside which reign unemployment, poverty, hunger and despair, in addition to the mass incarceration of three generations of Palestinians (currently the population of Palestinians in Israeli prisons is more than 12,000). On the flip side of the steady decimation of the indigenous Palestinian people, Israel, with US and European support, imported to Palestine one million immigrants, mostly Europeans, during the 1990s. Land theft and colonization were carried out under a fake discourse of peace, promoted by a fake Israeli peace movement and non-governmental organizations financed by the US and EU, using the Oslo agreement of the mid-1990s as tools for the complete elimination of Palestine from the map.

Pope Francis offers prayers
at Israeli separation wall in Bethlehem May 2014

Read Visit details in The Guardian

Palestinian Five Pounds during the British Mandate

Click: The words of Prof. Edward Said

Said's words may have been written in 2001, but the thrust of his message is no less resounding: '. . . no matter the occasion, no matter the question, no matter the newspaper or TV or radio journalist, every question must first be answered with a few basic points about the military occupation . . . This is the source of violence, this is the source of the main problems, and it is the reason Israel can never have real peace. Our entire political position must be based on ending the occupation and this must take precedence over any and every other consideration. . .' It is the occupation, the occupation and the occupation over and over again.

Click: Free PDF books on Palestine and the Palestinians.

Click to see the Maps

Palestine 1923 - 1948

Israel wants the land and peace and would not give the land for peace.

In this Troubled World it seems Might is Right!! Human Rights seems like a dream.

Israel's claims to be a democracy are hollow hypocrisy. Modern Israel is a pilot project for the New Order to be imposed on the world. It is a paradise for the rich and a total misery for lesser folk, including native Arab Muslims and Christians and even many Jews who do not belong to the Ashkenazim elite, but to 'inferior' orders of Sephardic, Ethiopian, and Russian Jews.

"The rabbis of Vienna were sent in 1897
on a fact-finding mission to Palestine
to investigate whether it was a suitable place
for Jewish settlement were right.
They reported back that the
“bride was beautiful but married to another man.”

The rabbis had been moved to visit Palestine by Theodore Herzl, an Austrian journalist, who had just published his highly influential book, “The Jewish State”, which launched the movement called “political Zionism”.

Herzl, a broad minded man, was happy to think of the new Israel in Argentina which had a considerable Jewish migration in the nineteenth century and was well away from the clutches of anti-Semitic Europe. He was also inclined to accept the offer of Joseph Chamberlain, then the British colonial secretary, for a site on the Uasin Gishu plateau near Nairobi in what was then British East Africa. The Zionist Conference overruled him.

The Arabs, Muslim and Christian, were promised by the British officer T.E. Lawrence (Remember Lawrence of Arabia?) independence and self-government after WWI. In the McMahon correspondence, the British promised independence to the Arabs, including the Palestinians, if they would fight against Turkey who was allied with Germany.

President Woodrow Wilson also declared that WWI was fought to make the world safe for democracy. The 12th of his Fourteen Principles for the post-war world was:

But when the British government finally gave in to Zionist lobbying and, in the words, of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, favoured “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” the only Jewish member of the cabinet, Edwin Samuel Montague, denounced the whole project as a reconstruction of the tower of Babel. “Palestine”, he said, “would become the world’s ghetto”. Lord Curzon, the former Viceroy of India, observed that Britain had “a stronger claim to parts of France” than the Jews did to Palestine after two millennia of absence. He denounced it as an act of “sentimental idealism”.

"Most of the Israeli Jews are still fed daily by media that hides from them the realities of occupation, stagnation or discrimination. This is true about the ethnic cleansing that Israel committed in 1948, which made half of Palestine’s population refugees, destroyed half the Palestinian villages and towns, and left 80% of their homeland in Israeli hands. And it’s painfully clear that even before the apartheid walls and fences were built around the occupied territories, the average Israeli did not know, and could not care, about the 40 years of systematic abuses of civil and human rights of millions of people under the direct and indirect rule of their state.

Palestinian Village Histories by Rochelle A. Davis

Israel - Jewih State (Arabic)

Nor have they had access to honest reports about the suffering in the Gaza Strip over the past four years. In the same way, the information they received on the flotilla fits the image of a state attacked by the combined forces of the old anti-Semitism and the new Islamic Judacidal fanatics coming to destroy the state of Israel. (After all, why would they have sent the best commando elite in the world to face defenceless human rights activists?)"

Click and read the article

"The military/security complex that rules America, together with the Israel Lobby and the financial banksters, needs a long list of dangerous enemies to keep the taxpayers money flowing into its coffers.

Tax Dollars At War - Watch the Video

The Homeland Security lobby is dependent on endless threats to convince Americans that they must forego civil liberty in order to be safe and secure."

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

American mainstream media is Jewish-owned and Jewish-operated, and it has its own red lines. Rulers who forget this get impeached or assassinated. When President J F Kennedy tried to stop and undo the Dimona Project (Israel's Atomic Power Plant, Israel owns about 300 atomic warheads), he was killed, and his position taken by Lyndon B Johnson, the most devout Zionist who allowed Israelis to build their nuclear arsenal and to attack the USS Liberty.

"In the U.S.,the principal governmental architects of the war, the intellectual promoters of the war, their publicly enunciated published strategies for the war were all deeply attached to the Israeli Lobby and worked for the Israeli state. The Zionist tail will be wagging the servile US dog. Wolfowitz, number 2 in the Pentagon, Douglas Feith, number 3 in the Pentagon, Richard Perle, head of the Defense Board, Elliot Abrams in charge of Middle East affairs for the National Security Council, and dozens of other key operatives in the government and ideologues in the mass media were life-long fanatical activists in favor of Israel, some of whom had lost security clearances in previous administrations for handing over documents to the Israeli government..."

"Stephen Sniegoski has had the persistence to ferret out mountains of impossible-to-challenge evidence that this Israel-U.S. connection is the driving force behind virtually all Middle East decisionmaking over the last eight years, as well as the political courage to write a book about it.

Sniegoski’s new book (The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel) demonstrates clearly how U.S. and Israeli policies and actions with respect to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the other Gulf states, and even most recently Georgia are all tied together in a bundle of interrelated linkages, each of which affects all the others. The right wing of Israeli politics, the neoconservatives in the U.S. who strongly support Israel, and the aging Israel lobby in the United States all have worked together, and are still doing so, to bring about more wars, regime changes, and instability, specifically the fragmentation of any Middle Eastern states that might ever conceivably threaten Israel.

In addition, one purpose of such wars and other changes is explicitly to intensify the discouragement of Palestinians as the latter’s potential allies are knocked off one by one, making it easier for Israel, over time, to finish off the Palestinians."

Kourosh Ziabari: Why is the Israeli lobby so powerful, influential and authoritative? Almost all of the major media conglomerates in the United States own to well-off Jews who are committed to maintaining the interests of the state of Israel in the U.S. Some experts say that Israel is the representative of the United States in the Middle East region, but some others suggest that it's Israel which determines the future of political developments in the United States. What's your take on that?

The United States is the superpower responsible for the greatest amount of bloodshed since World War II, and the blood of its victims cries out from the soil of Korea and Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. For years, Washington meddled in Latin America’s internal affairs as though those affairs were its own, installing and overthrowing regimes willy-nilly.

Philip Giraldi: "The Israel Lobby is so powerful because it deliberately set out to establish control over key elements in the United States. It has demonstrated a number of times that politicians who are perceived as being unfriendly to Israel will face serious problems in being reelected because the Lobby mobilizes to provide money and media support to opponents. This means that congress is afraid to oppose anything that Israel and its Lobby wants. The same holds true for the presidency. Every presidential candidate must be seen as friendly to Israel or he will be attacked in the media and denied millions of dollars in political contributions, making it a safer option to support Israel. Finally, pro-Israeli interests control much of the media and, more important, dominate the opinion and editorial pages, making the only narrative that most Americans hear about the Middle East highly favorable to Israel and highly critical of all Israel's enemies. As a result, Israel is able to control U.S. foreign policy as it relates to the Middle East and also much of the Muslim world."

Edward Said: Imperial Continuity - Palestine, Iraq, and U.S. Policy.

"The many members of Congress who read from Zionism's script and dance to its tune in order to secure election campaign funds and organized Jewish votes in tight races are not merely stooges. Because they are putting the interests of a foreign power above those of their own country, it's time to call them what they really are - traitors."

ISRAEL did Sandy Hook, Newtown CT School Shooting Massacres says Michael Harris

In 1880ies the preeminent New York journalist, John Swinton declared, during the party organized by owners and chefs of principal New York journals, the following:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Today's United States of America is a seventeenth century nation adorned with twenty first century trinkets, many deadly. Instead of being as it claims "the leader of the free world," it is a backward authoritarian pre-enlightenment reactionary regime.

Watch the following

Farah Chamma - The Nationality | فرح شما - الجنسية

Refugees Have Rights


Click on "Palestinian State Opposed By U.S."


The tragedy of the Palestinian diaspora,
click and read The Independant


The Israeli Zionists carried out one of history's great acts of ethnic cleansing: the expulsion of some 750,000 Palestinians, or 80 per cent the native population of Palestine, from the borders of the newly established Jewish state.

Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister, considered by Israelis as a great leader and by others as one of history's great killers, disputed the facts, she said: "It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist."

History contradicts Golda Meir:

"The name “Palestine” was mentioned by a Greek historian some 2500 years ago. A “Duke of Palestine” is mentioned in the Talmud."

Millions of Palestinians in the Diaspora, refugees still living in squalor camps since 1948, and the second wave since 1967, after 60 years, are still waiting to go home or be compensated for homes that now either house Jewish families or long since have been razed. Their homes and lands were taken by force by Israelis. According to US Committee on Refugees, one out of four refugees worldwide is Palestinian and according to International law, Israel is legally obliged to cease its occupation and provide full restitution for Palestinian refugees, yet it has constantly ignored the issue.

"Some two million Palestinians were living on less than 2.1 euro ($3.00) a day, a poverty rate of 63 percent, in mid-2003, according to a United Nations report"

The European Jews for a Just Peace:

"For over nearly 40 years massive land and water confiscation, roadblocks, extra-judicial killings, closures, curfews, and collective punishment have taken place in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in contravention with international law. Oppression, segregation and humiliation, house demolitions, and the construction of the annexation wall in the West Bank and the walls in the Gaza Strip determine the daily life of the occupied Palestinian people."

Israel's 700 km long "security" wall is being built 80% on Palestinian territory, and will trap more than 50,000 Palestinians in "no mans land" on the "Israeli" side of the wall. According to the International Court of Justice the wall is illegal and should be dismantled immediately.

Jewish Ghettos in Europe existed because Jews were viewed as alien cultural minorities due to their non-Christian beliefs in a Renaissance Christian environment and their usury dealings. As a result, Jews were placed under strict regulations throughout many European cities. Now the Jews in Israel have built their own Ghetto Walls.


"For nearly two thousands years, which followed the completion of the Old Testament in 5th century BC, due to the general illiteracy of gentiles, the Deutero-Mosaic recipe for world conquest was hidden from the sight of ordinary citizens. During these not-so-remote times the practice of usury, as the means of subsistence and of personal enrichment, was limited practically to the sect of Jews dwelling apart in ghetto-like suburbs of Medieval towns."

Cick and read the whole article


Kerry in Mideast to propose peace (Arabic)


click - Peled: The peace talks brought only losses on the Palestinians


Click - Critical Issues, Alternative Views with Dr. Don Cooney
Shattered Hopes: Obama's Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace by Josh Ruebner


The Untermensch Syndrome: Israel's Moral Decay
By Manuel Valenzuela
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"The desire to expand borders and territory, an addiction to greed and the aspiration to cleanse Palestine of Arabs manufactures in the Israeli government a policy of wicked objectives bursting with cold and calculated cruelty. Thus, the ill-treatment of Palestinians by Israel makes life so unbearable, so hard and depressing that it is a triumph of the human spirit that so many remain, unwavering and strong, even as the weight of utter wickedness is enforced generation to generation.

Living in the occupied territories is like living in Warsaw ghettos of the 1930's and South African Bantustans. It is akin to dwelling in Indian reservations, those cesspools of nothingness in the lands of America from where millions rotted away their once vibrant existence. Gaza and the West Bank are squalors of humanity acting as giant prisons, where dense refugee camps are considered cities, their perimeters encircled by fences, walls, Israeli tanks and the ever watchful eyes of trigger-friendly snipers. Enormous prisons within occupied lands, preventing contiguity, freedom of movement and any semblance of a sovereign state are the true definition of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

To live inside these vast prisons and internment camps is to struggle with the daily existence of Israeli suffocation and dehumanization that you know is purposeful as it is deliberate. It is to feel Israeli claws strangulating your esophagus, denying you of the air to breathe and the sustenance you need to survive. Life under Israel's merciless rule means that sixty to seventy percent of your people are unemployed, unable to provide for their families, as commerce is almost non-existent and access to Israeli business almost impossible. It is to live in worlds of child undernourishment and lack of healthcare, as Israel's policies make indigent millions of families who desperately need to feed and treat their children." End of quote.

What remains of the Palestinian West Bank that has not been stolen by Israel consists of isolated ghettoes. Palestinians are cut off from hospitals, schools, their farms, and from one another. They cannot travel from one ghetto to another without Israeli permission enforced at checkpoints.

President Obama's speech, Cairo June 2009

"Around the world, the Jewish people were persecuted for centuries, and anti-Semitism in Europe culminated in an unprecedented Holocaust, says the president, but he then continues, on the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people - Muslims and Christians - have suffered in pursuit of a homeland. For more than sixty years they have endured the pain of dislocation. Many wait in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring lands for a life of peace and security that they have never been able to lead. They endure the daily humiliations - large and small - that come with occupation. So let there be no doubt: the situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own."

End of quote

On Course for Holocaust II…..? Click and read

What The Jews (Zionists) Did To The Germans…..? Click and read

Barak Hussein Obama

His early months in office have been "very disappointing." Obama is "a frightened man," who won't take on corporate power. Obama is "conflict averse" - and a "harmony ideology type," who's being taken advantage of by the sharks in Congress, of both parties. He's "Bush-Cheney redux" when it comes to military and foreign policy, "albeit with better speeches" to the Muslim world. Given Obama's handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Nader wonders in amazement: "And they gave him the [Nobel] Peace Prize?"

Obama has turned his back to the people who elected him.

President Obama is “America’s first Jewish President”.

Click and watch: Pro-Israel Highlights of
Barack Obama Speech for AIPAC

The Israel lobby pushed the U.S. into wars with Iraq and Libya, and now Syria, and the U.S. dutifully complied, removing two of Israel’s enemies at a cost of trillions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of ritually folded U.S. flags. In those cases, however, important segments of the U.S. public also supported the wars, even if they later came to regret it, and even if deception (about WMDs, for example) was required to obtain their approval.

Many who support Israel are not Jewish and many who are Jewish do not support Israel. This is about the inter-relationships between the arms industries, Wall Street, the oil companies and other powerful interests for whom Israel and its regional domination are a money machine, a power machine and means of domination.

Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing and people have forgiven him a lot



Watch: American citizen addressing John McCain about war in Syria September 2013


Watch The other Face of President Barak Obama
His Ramadan Message to the Moslems !!!


AIPAC: The Voice of America

Why America is not the greatest country in the world

If it’s going to push us to War, is it time for AIPAC
to register as foreign Agent?

By Juan Cole | Aug. 11, 2015 |

"Most polls show that Jewish Americans are the Americans most enthusiastic about the diplomatic deal reached at Vienna between Iran and the UN Security Council over its civilian nuclear enrichment program. J-Street-poll-on-Iran-Nuclear-Agreement So the umbrella group of lobbyists supposedly dedicated to representing Jewish Americans, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, is lobbying for the deal, right? Wrong. It not only is sending lobbyists to the offices of all US congressional representatives and putting them under heavy pressure to reject the Vienna accords, but it or its subsidiaries are flooding the airwaves with vicious disinformation in an attempt to confuse the American public. So my question is, on whose behalf is AIPAC intervening in American domestic politics? Even if the J-Street and LA polls are flawed, how likely is it that they are hiding an overwhelming and vehement opposition to the deal among American Jewry (the vast majority of whom vote for the Democratic Party and strongly supported Barack Obama for president)? Or that the gap between Jewish Americans and other Americans on this issue, discovered in the same polls, doesn’t actually exist? The only logical possibility is that AIPAC is acting on behalf of the Likud government of Israel. And if it is doing that, it falls under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy repeatedly demanded that the American Zionist Council, the forerunner of AIPAC, so register. Former Senator J. William Fulbright made a case for it in 1988. The 2005 prosecution of two AIPAC employees for passing a classified Pentagon document to an Israeli official should have pitched the question again but did not. It matters because President Obama and Sec. John Kerry have repeatedly said that the likely alternative to the Iran deal is a war with Iran down the road. Such a war could well be the coup de grace for an already anemic American economy (wages have not recovered from 2008-9). Logically speaking, AIPAC is ipso facto lobbying our congressmen and women, who are supposed to be representing us Americans, on behalf of a foreign government, to reject peace and send our children to war. In my own view that is pretty despicable. President Obama is complaining about Israeli interference in US politics. But he has only himself to blame. As long as AIPAC is treated differently from other lobbies for a foreign state, and as long as Obama has his ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers, veto UN Security Resolutions condemning Israel for its massive violations of international law in Gaza and the West Bank, this kind of interference will only mount. Admittedly, FARA as a law is imperfectly administered in Washington, where foreign countries employ 1,000 lobbyists to pressure Congress. But in the case of Egypt or, say, Vietnam, the lobbyists have to report their activities, and lawmakers too identified with foreign states can suffer reputationally. Also, expert witnesses who testify before Congress, under a recent law, have to be transparent about who they’ve been working for. The documents filed under FARA can also be gotten from the Department of Justice by US citizens, whereas AIPAC’s activities happen in the dark. In fact, it for instance lobbied Congress heavily in favor of the Iraq War but now denies the fact, and we have no way of double checking. FARA reporting would be helpful. The situation with AIPAC is not unique. Other American ethnic groups often lobby on behalf of a home country. Armenian-Americans tried to use their lobby (which also isn’t registered with FARA) to pressure Nancy Pelosi to have the US Congress recognize the Armenian genocide, at the risk of a rupture of US relations with Turkey. (I’m not taking sides on this issue, just recounting what happened). But then I think domestic US lobbies on behalf both of Turkey and of Armenia should register under FARA. President Obama should ask Atty. General Loretta Lynch to begin proceedings to make AIPAC register, as well."

Watch this: Will Israel Assasinate Obama?

The Jewish settlements were not perceived to be a security requirement. They and the ideologues behind them testified, very clearly, to an intention to displace the occupied population. This caused and justified an increasingly bitter resistance. There were increasingly vicious attempts to repress it, resulting in more and more damage to Palestinian lands, cities, and individuals. Border closures stifled employment opportunities in Israel; tanks ripped up roads and broke sewer lines beneath them; curfews and, above all, checkpoints made anything remotely resembling normal economic life impossible.

Israel has divided the West Bank into besieged cantons, worked diligently to increase the number of Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem (while stripping Palestinian Jerusalemites of their residency rights in the city) and turned Gaza into a virtual prison.

Israeli settlers torturing a Palestinian kid

Click and watch U.S. cuts off UNESCO funding after Palestinian vote

The only difference between modern American/Israeli fascism and classic Nazism is the modern capability to control all information and suppress the truth.

Palestinians have seen their putative state in the West Bank sliced away by settlements, army posts, military zones, fences and Israeli-only roads that cut the territory into enclaves in which 2.5 million Palestinians are confined, their movements heavily curtailed. A map of the West Bank recently published by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs shows that the Israeli system of settlements and protective infrastructure has rendered 40 per cent of the West Bank off-limits to Palestinians.

Israel is the illegitimate child of ethnic nationalism. The inhabitants of Palestine had every reason to oppose its establishment by any means necessary. No one is required to submit to a sovereignty from which they are excluded, much less a sovereignty arrogated to one ethnic group and excluding all others. Given the life-and-death powers of the proposed state and the intentions of its proponents to maintain ethnic super-macy within its borders, the Palestinians were justified in taking the project as a mortal threat, and, therefore, to resist it by any means necessary.

Indeed, as so often happens, an ethnic nationalism born of persecution became a vehicle for bigotry, insolent self-righteousness, sadism, fanatical nonsense, and naked greed.

Israel can maintain a functional democracy only through curbing the Jewishness and Jewish fundamentalism of the state.

Israel wants recognition of Israel as a state for the Jewish people only. George W. Bush has publicly agreed to that. This recognition is meant to bolster Israel's position that rejects the return of Palestinian refugees to areas inside the Green Line - the border before the 1967 Six-Day War.

There is a great divide in Israel between Jews and non-Jews. This gap in rights and respect is consciously perpetrated by government policy and even elder statesmen. This divide and discrimination is clearly expressed well in relation to the groups of non-Jewish citizens, (estimates have cited 250,000-300,000) who immigrated to Israel from the former USSR under the law of return, vis-'-vis the Arab Israelis, who were there for many generations before the creation of the Jewish State, and who are marginalized, underprivileged and their national rights violated by mainstream Israel.

The brutalities of the settler movement and its sponsors are the work of "haves" who have got it in their head that God wants them to have more, and to crush, slowly and painfully, all those who stand in the way of their fifth-rate vision. Those spoilt brats believe they know exactly what God and Abraham said to each other in the Bronze Age.

The lies, obfuscations, and self-deceiving nonsense that sustain Israel's occupation-something it could end tomorrow-cost Jewish as well as Palestinian blood.

Over nearly 40 years, the Israeli occupation has been characterized by, amongst others, the practice of extra-judicial executions, land confiscation, arbitrary arrest and detention, and house demolitions. Over the past year, not only have these violations persisted with alarming tenacity, but the economic boycott of the elected Palestinian government has crippled the Palestinian economy, and severely damaged the provision of education and health services. The resulting violations of the rights to education, health and employment are more severe than they have ever been, deepening poverty and destroying social cohesion.

Of the numerous human rights violation to which Palestinians are subjected, none is more pervasive than the severe restrictions placed upon Palestinian movement within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). Movement restrictions limit access to education, employment, health services, and agricultural land, and have economic and social consequences beyond simply hindering travel. Movement restrictions are most commonly enforced through permanent and 'flying' military checkpoints, which are often the location of the ill-treatment, assault and, in some instances, killing of Palestinian civilians. Since 2002 the construction of the Annexation Wall in the OPT has increased land confiscation within the draconian regime associated with movement restrictions in the OPT.

Israeli legislators had already approved the �Absentee Property Law�, a racially-orientated law preventing Palestinians from returning to their lands, cities and villages, and allowing the new Israelites to live in houses and cities they �did not build�. Atzmon, Gilad (2011-09-30). The Wandering Who?: A study of Jewish identity politics (p. 121). O-Books. Kindle Edition.

Tragically for the Palestinian People: The “Palestinian leadership”, presumably the leadership of “President” Abbas and his Fatah cronies, are the leaders who are regarded by very many if not most Palestinians as American-and-Israeli stooges at best and traitors at worst.

At present, 2007, as a result of Israeli occupation and the accompanying restrictions on movement, the Palestinian economy is in free-fall. Fully 70% of Palestinians are now living in poverty, according to UN calculations, a figure which rises to 80% in Gaza. Over half of all Palestinians are now unable to cover their families' daily food needs without relying on external aid - a scandal in such a rich and fertile land.

From Paula Jones:

"Can you imagine...

Having to negotiate checkpoints and army personnel in order to get your sick child to a hospital, knowing that there is a strong possibility that if you do not get there your child could die...

Can you imagine...

Up to four generations of your family having been brought up in refugee camps, your homeland is occupied by a repressive foreign army. In the land of your forefathers you live under a system of institutionalised and codified racism. Under occupation your nationhood is no longer recognised, you've lost your right to citizenship and lost power over your own daily life. You live in a constant state of fear.

The occupier imposes economic strangulation and collective punishment by restricting free movement; enclosing population centres, closing borders, barring most of your people from working inside 'its country', imposing regular curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, electric fences and separation walls. All whilst continuing to build new settlements in the Occupied Territories (on your land in your country) violating the Geneva Conventions prohibiting an occupier from settling its population on conquered land.

Could you possibly perceive...

That the help you need comes from a person who lives on the other side of the world who is not connected to you, your family, your country, your religion. Nothing.

Would you wonder why someone would want to travel to one of the most volatile countries in the world to help?" End of quote.

NEXT MONTH, May 2008, Israel will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Israel, since the beginning of "Negotiations" with the Palestinian Authority, which were a farce to start with, -like actors on the stage drinking from empty glasses, and all parties pretend that there are negotiations going on, they meet, embrace, smile, pose for photographs, convene joint teams, hold press conferences, make declarations - nothing, absolutely nothing, really happens.

What is the farce for? Each of the participants has his own reasons: Olmert needs an agenda to fill the void. George Bush, a lame duck who leaves behind him nothing but ruins in every field, wants to present at least one achievement, fictitious as it may be. Poor Mahmoud Abbas, whose continued existence depends on his ability to show some political achievement for his people, clings to this illusion with all his remaining strength. And so the farce goes on.

Meaningless negotiations for a meaningless agreement.

There is no escape from the inevitable conclusion: the Israeli government is not working for peace. It does not want peace. And, also, that there is no effective parliamentary opposition pressing for peace, nor any pressure from the media.

Both governments, the Israeli and the Palestinian, are too weak to make peace. Everything must be postponed until strong leaderships emerge on both sides.

When two neighboring peoples make peace, they fix, first of all, the border between them. And that is precisely what the Israeli establishment opposes, because it negates the basic ethos of the Zionist enterprise. That is the reason for David Ben-Gurion's refusal to include in the Declaration of Independence of the new State of Israel any mention of borders. He did not intend for a minute to be satisfied with the borders fixed by the United Nations General Assembly resolution of November 29, 1947. All his successors had the same approach. Even the Oslo agreements delineated "zones" but did not fix a border.

In this respect, too, Israel resembles the United States, which was founded along the Eastern seaboard and did not rest until it had reached the Western shores on the other side of the continent. The incessant stream of mass immigration from Europe flowed on westwards, breaching all borders and violating all agreements, exterminating the Native Americans, starting a war against Mexico, conquering Texas, invading Central America and Cuba. The slogan that drove them on and justified all their actions was coined in 1845 by John O'Sullivan: "Manifest Destiny".

The US and their European satellites are boycotting the Palestinian government and starving the Palestinian population in Gaza. They have set three conditions for lifting the blockade:

1. the Palestinians must recognize the right of Israel to exist (without defining its borders, of course), but the Israeli government is not required to recognize the right of a Palestinian state to exist at all.

Hamas has announced its support for the establishment of a Palestinian state bounded by the June 1967 borders - meaning: next to Israel and not in place of Israel.

2. The Palestinians must put an end to "terrorism", but the Israeli government is not required to stop its military operations in the Palestinian territories and stop the building of settlements. The "roadmap" does indeed say so, but that has been completely ignored by everybody, including the Americans.

3. The Palestinians must undertake to fulfill the agreements, but no such undertaking is required from the Israeli government, which has broken almost all provision of the Oslo agreement. Among others: the opening of the "safe passages" between Gaza and the West Bank, the carrying out of the third "redeployment" (withdrawal from Palestinian territories), the treatment of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as one single territory, etc etc.

Jimmy Carter: "This gross mistreatment of the Palestinians in Gaza was escalated dramatically by Israel, with United States backing, after political candidates representing Hamas won a majority of seats in the Palestinian Authority parliament in 2006. The election was unanimously judged to be honest and fair by all international observers.--Israel and the US refused to accept the right of Palestinians to form a unity government with Hamas and Fatah and now, after internal strife, Hamas alone controls Gaza. Forty-one of the 43 victorious Hamas candidates who lived in the West Bank have been imprisoned by Israel, plus an additional 10 who assumed positions in the short-lived coalition cabinet."

Click here: Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

I quote Michael Neumann, professor of philosophy at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, in his book "The Case Against Israel", published 2005:

"For an extended account of daily life in one area, Gaza, the reader is referred to the work of Israeli journalist Amira Hass, Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and nights in a land under Siege. Here is a brief description of their impact from Amos Elon:

In Gaza Strip some of the well-established, prospering Jewish settlements are only a few hundred meters away from the vast Palestinian refugee camps, populated by third- and fourth-generation Palestinian refugees. In five minutes a visitor might feel as if he was passing from Southern California to Bangladesh-through barbed-wire entanglements, past watchtowers, searchlights, machine-gun positions, and fortified roadblocks: a bizarre and chilling sight.

The Palestinians are infuriated as well by seeing their olive groves uprooted or burned down by settlers while their water faucets go dry and their ancestral land reserves and scarce water resources are taken over for the use of settlers who luxuriate nearby in their swimming pools and consume five times as much as the average Palestinian. The settlements themselves occupy less than 20 percent of the West Bank, but through a network of so-called regional councils they control planning and environmental policy for approximately 40 percent of the West Bank, according to figures recently published by B'tzelem, the Israeli human rights organization.

What makes the Israeli position particularly indefensible is its utter gratuitousness. There is no conceivable reason for Israel to promote the settlements that have been the cause of so much misery. The settler movement is built on pseudo-Biblical foolishness, bad history, creed, and-worse-a sort of racist messianism that deserves no tolerance, consideration, or respect.

God meant the Promised Land to symbolize the peace and holiness of heaven. Yet, primarily because Zionist Jews have flouted His law, expelling most Palestinians and ramming an unbiblical occupation down the throat of the Arab world, the Middle East has been turned into a living hell of discord.

"Compared to the power of this myth, does it really matter that the Exodus from Egypt never took place? Thousands of Egyptian documents deciphered in recent years leave no room for doubt: the exodus of masses of people, as described in the Bible, or anything remotely like it, just never happened. These documents, which cover in the finest detail every period and every part of Canaan during this epoch prove beyond any doubt that there was no "Conquest of Canaan" and no kingdom of David and Solomon. For a hundred years, Zionist archeologists have devoted tireless efforts to finding even a single piece of evidence to support the Biblical narrative, all to no avail."

End of quote

"The modern Jewish myth has it that almost all the Jews are descendents of the Jewish community that lived in Palestine 2000 years ago and was driven out by the Romans in the year 70 AD. That is, of course, baseless. The "Expulsion from the Country" is a religious myth: God was angry with the Jews because of their sins and exiled them from His country. But the Romans were not in the habit of moving populations, and there is clear evidence that a great part of the Jewish population in the country remained here after the Zealots' Revolt and after the Bar-Kochba uprising, and that most Jews lived outside the country long before that."

Israel could have not only peace but vastly increased security tomorrow if it chooses: (it has all the options, and the Palestinians none). The fussing about negotiations, trust, and hatred are nothing but self-deceiving excuses for more bloodshed.

Given these circumstances it would seem that no one, Jewish or non-Jewish, should support Israel."

"Michael Neumann argues a brilliant case against Zionism, whose essence has been the pursuit of Jewish ethnic domination over Palestine."

Kathy Christison, former CIA anayst

"In Nazi Germany they had an evil mantra called 'the master race', and here in Israel they have an equally diabolical one called the'chosen people'.

In Nazi Germany, they had the Untermensch concept, and here in Israel they have the 'goyim' whose rights and lives are expendable.

In Nazi Germany they had the idea of 'Lebensraum', and in Israel they argue that 'Jews have got to live somewhere', a euphemism for stealing Palestinian land and expelling these helpless and powerless people from their ancestral homeland, all for the purpose of fulfilling Jewish nationalism, a nationalism that has more in common with Hitler's Mein Kampf than with the Torah of Moses."

"In the kingdom of God, which covers the whole world, there is no longer a favoured people, a chosen people, all men and women of every country have become the chosen people, the Lebanese-born Catholic Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros said.

He said, because the "promise was abolished by the presence of Christ." Butros also warned against the risk of Israel becoming an exclusively Jewish state, with a consequent threat to the 1.5 million Muslim and Christian Arabs living there.

Secrets of the CIA
CIA Agents Reveal CIA Secrets

Who Chose The Chosen People
It is a Must Watch

Uri Avnery: "It is easy to put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the South African bed, since the similarities between the symptoms are obvious. The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories has been going on for 40 years now, and almost 60 years have passed since the Naqba - the armed conflict of 1948 in which the State of Israel came into being and in which more than half the Palestinians lost their homes and land. Relations between the settlers and the Palestinians are in many ways reminiscent of apartheid; and even in Israel proper, the Arab citizens are far from real equality."

Afif Safieh at the FEPS 'Call to Europe' Conference 21-22 June 2012
Please watch the video
It covers great many issues

Is there justice in this world?

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

In the second world war there was resistance against the occupying Nazis in Europe, and the world was backing the legitimate right of the Europeans to resist occupation. In Palestine they call resistance to the Israeli occupation an act of terror.

By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.

Dr. Baruch Goldstein

In 1994, an Israeli terrorist Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish American Zionist physician decided to materialize the dream of the typical Zionist movement of annihilating the Arab existence in Palestine. Dr. Baruch Goldstein prepared for the move. It was during Ramadan when Dr. Goldstein decided to execute his old plan of vengeance. He opened fire in Al Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank town of Hebron, killing 29 people and injuring 47. In response, the Israelis closed the mosque for six months. When it reopened, the Palestinians discovered the mosque had been divided - half for the Muslims and half for the Jews - as if to reward the killer for his perpetration. Had this incident occurred in any other country, it would not have been tolerated.

Palestinians are kept in a perpetual state of ever increasing despair. Palestinian homes are demolished. Universally regarded as the symbol of peace, the olive tree has become the object of violence. For more than forty years, Israel has uprooted over one million olive trees and hundreds of thousands of fruit trees in Palestine with terrible economic and ecological consequences for the Palestinian people. Olive trees hundreds of years old have been bulldozed, their lands confiscated and Jewish settlements built on it. Israel violates Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits a country from moving its own people into occupied territories.

Gilad Atzmon
Freedom of Speech:
The right to equate Gaza with Auschwitz

"They (the Palestinians) will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust because we will use all our might to defend ourselves" (Matan Vilnai, Israeli Deputy Defence Minister, 29 February 2008)

Architect of Apartheid in Israel:
"If we don't kill, we will cease to exist" - Max Blumenthal (4/5) - YouTube

Dana Dajani- "Love Letters from Palestine"

Gilad Atzmon (Israeli Writer):

"It is clear beyond any doubt that the Israeli Deputy Defence Minister was far from being reluctant to equate Israel with Nazi Germany when revealing the genocidal future awaiting the Palestinian people, yet, for some reason, this is precisely what Western media outlets refrain from doing. In spite of the facts that are right in front of our eyes, in spite of the starvation in Gaza, in spite of an Israeli official admitting genocidal inclinations against the Palestinians, in spite of the mounting carnage and death, we are still afraid to admit that Gaza is a concentration camp and it is on the verge of becoming a deadly one. For some peculiar reason, many of us have yet to accept that as far as evil is concerned, Israel is the world champion in mercilessness and vengeance."

Ilan Pappe is senior lecturer in the University of Haifa Department of political Science and Chair of the Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian Studies in Haifa, Israel. His books include among others The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (London and New York 1992), The Israel/Palestine Question (London and New York 1999), A History of Modern Palestine (Cambridge 2003), The Modern Middle East (London and New York 2005) and forthcoming, Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006)

He is an activist for Palestinian rights. He was in Toronto in February to give the keynote speech at Israeli Apartheid Week at the University of Toronto. He was interviewed by telephone on February 5, 2005.

Article by Mark Weber
August 2009

"Many portions of the Hebrew scriptures -- especially the books of Joshua, Numbers, and Deuteronomy -- tell of genocidal mass killings of non-Jews. The Jewish God repeatedly calls on his chosen people to exterminate non-Jews. The Jewish scriptures are perhaps the oldest historical record anywhere of systematic genocide.

In the seventh chapter of the book of Deuteronomy, we read: When the Lord your God brings you into the land which you are entering to take possession of it, and clears away many nations before you -- the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites -- seven nations greater and mightier than yourselves, and when the Lord your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them; then you must utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them, and show no mercy to them And you shall destroy all the peoples that the Lord your god will give over to you, your eye shall not pity them.

End of quote.

By Gilad Atzmon

Last week, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2012, an interesting article by Daniel Gordis appeared on Tablemag.com. Gordis, a committed Zionist intellectual, is concerned about the inevitable collapse of the Jewish state and its impact on world Jewry in general and American Jews in particular. Although it’s reassuring that Zionist scholars are now realising that that the Jewish State is on its way out, even more importantly, Gordis’ article gives us a glimpse into contemporary Jewish identity politics, Jewish culture and Zionist collective psychosis. And interestingly, Gordis reaffirms each and every critical argument I myself raise in my latest book The Wandering Who. Gordis is tormented by polls that suggest that the centrality of Israel within Jewish American life is declining. Apparently, a recent survey suggests that 50 percent of young Jewish Americans (35 years old and younger) would not see the destruction of Israel as a ‘personal tragedy’. In his attempt to explain such a dramatic change in Jewish Diaspora attitude, Gordis refers to Peter Beinart’s take on the subject: that young American Jews feel safe, and unlike their parents, do not fear anti-Semitism. Beinart is correct. Western Jews are no longer anxious. On the contrary, contemporary Jewish political arrogance knows no limits. AIPAC and similar Western Jewish lobbies have been openly pushing for interventionist wars for more than a decade and some influential Jews have been open in exploring different forms and aspects of Judeocentric domination of the media, banking, culture and politics. In fact it seems that many Jews are not troubled at all by a possible rise of anti Semitism and are unconcerned with any possible consequences of their own actions. To a certain extent this sense of Jewish omnipotence may be seen as a direct continuum of Israeli strength; when young American Jews witness their American elected politicians dancing shamelessly to AIPAC’s Klezmatic noise, naturally they are filled with a sense of invincible might and it is this that is the essence of contemporary Jewish collective power - a power that can only be realised in connection with Israeli strength.

Palestinian Genocide

"What Israel intends and is working toward is the erasure of the Palestinian people from the Palestine landscape. Israel most likely does not care about how systematic its efforts at erasure are, or how rapidly they proceed, and in these ways it differs from the Nazis. There are no gas chambers; there is no overriding urgency. Gas chambers are not needed. A round of rockets on a residential housing complex in the middle of the night here, a few million cluster bomblets or phosphorous weapons there can, given time, easily meet the UN definition above.

Children shot to death sitting in school classrooms here, families murdered while tilling their land there; agricultural land stripped and burned here, farmers cut off from their land there; little girls riddled with bullets here, infants beheaded by shell fire there; a little massacre here, a little starvation there; expulsion here, denial of entry and families torn apart there; dispossession is the name of the game. With no functioning economy, dwindling food supplies, medical supply shortages, no way to move from one area to another, no access to a capital city, no easy access to education or medical care, no civil service salaries, the people will die, the nation will die without a single gas chamber. Or so the Israelis hope."

The words of Dora McPhee

Give Palestinians their rights

Women for Palestine

16 February 2007

"For nearly 60 years, the dispossession of the Palestinian people, through the creation of the state of Israel has continued unabated and all the heartfelt words used to reaffirm their inalienable rights to self-determination have rung hollow. Their right of return affirmed in UN resolution 194 has been ignored, rendering now nearly 5 million stateless Palestinians permanent refugees. Countless UN resolutions have been passed declaring Israel's 40 year occupation of the remaining 22% of historic Palestine, namely the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, illegal but none have been implemented. A litany of human rights abuses by Israel against the Palestinians have gone uncensored. The flagrant land theft carried out by Israel through its 200 illegal settlements with some 450,000 illegaland the continued construction of the wall judged illegal by the international court of justice makes a mockery of any adherence to the rule of law."

According to international law, the execution (Targeted Assassination) of any person in an occupied territory is not allowed. The Geneva Convention, born out of the horrifying experience of World War II, sets limitations on the use of force even in times of war. The convention distinguishes between war and a state of occupation. Its fundamentals are, first, that occupied people are "protected", and that the occupier is responsible for their safety. Second, it determines that the occupied people have the right to fight for their liberation.

During its 40 years of occupation, Israel has already violated every article of the Geneva Convention.

Click to read Israel's violation of: Palestinians are frequently placed under "closure" and often under curfew. Israel is, has been, and continues to be in direct violation of the Palestinian's basic human rights and multiple United Nations Resolutions. Right now the Palestinian territories are nothing more than an impoverished prison camp.


"The United Nations was created after two world wars, mainly to solve world conflicts and to put an end to the law of the jungle, “Might is Right” Unfortunately, it ended up being exactly that, but in a more sophisticated and structured style. That in itself, leads to the loss of the credibility and the raison d’etre of the UN. We have watched along the years how the five nations of the security council have strangled the role of the united nations by the veto power that each of those nations granted to themselves, thus enabling them to defy the general consensus of the whole international community. Is this democracy? Is this fair? Is this the just tool that the UN needs to solve world conflicts?"

Israeli checkpoints in Palestine

On May 27, 2006 CUPE Ontario (Ontario's largest Canadian labor union) decided to 'Support the international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions until Israel meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people's inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with the precepts of international law, including the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.'

I qoute Roger Tucker:

"not a fascist, militaristic, racist, ethnocentric, paranoid entity that can never be anything but a nuclear armed bully, reviled and resisted in its immediate neighborhood, and a permanent pariah in the world at large" Meaning Israel.

"Israel is a thunderously failed reality that rests on a scaffolding of corruption, and on foundations of oppression and injustice. Were these words spoken by an American leader, he would be denounced as an anti-Semite. But these are the words of a former speaker of the Israeli Knesset who cries for his country. The countdown to the end of Israeli society has begun, writes Avraham Burg, the end of the Zionist enterprise is already on our doorstep.

Israel, having ceased to care about the children of the Palestinians, should not be surprised when they come washed in hatred and blow themselves up in the centers of Israeli escapism. Burg implores Diaspora Jews to speak out. To little avail.

Why? Why, when a Knesset member is unintimidated, are we so silent? Why, when Ariel Sharon is dragging America's good name through the mud and blood of Ramallah and Jenin, are we so tongue-tied? Did not Burke instruct us, To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men"

It is very useful for the Americans to keep George Washington's warning constantly in mind: "Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence - I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens - the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government."

The Zionist lobby in the US is "foreign influence".

The way in which Jews built their power base in the American financial and then cultural and political spheres has been well documented by various American Historians. It is a process extending over decades since the late 19th century which includes the foundation of the Federal Reserve Board by agents of the great Rothschild and Warburg European dynasties (Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb etc...), the consolidation of the Hollywood industry under Jewish-led studios etc...

Watch: Rothschild Zionism

The Rothschild family commission biographies give the illusion that their fortune has dwindled but researchers estimate their wealth as close to 500 trillion Dollars, i.e. more than half the wealth of the entire world.

The House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson

The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds

PetroDollar and WWIII

Dispatches: Inside Britain's Israel Lobby

Video - Channel 4 UK - Broadcast November 16, 2009

Click and watch the details on this Video

"International Jewish supremacism corrupts humanity through Hollywood and the mainstream media it dominates. Its media promotes immorality, pornography, homosexuality, abortion, evolution, violence, drugs and alcohol, anti-Christianity and every form of liberal secular humanism. Dual-loyalty, pro-Zionist Jews pervade the White House and Congress, goading America into Mid-East wars in defense of Israel. Zionist leaders encourage sacrifice of thousands of American lives to rid the Mid-East of Israel's enemies. The ancient Biblical description of Israel as the corrupting, one-world Harlot remains astonishingly descriptive."

Stop destroying Palestinian lives

Israel recently has been condemned by Amnesty International and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

On Dec. 7, 1987, the U.N. General Assembly voted 153-2 (with one abstention) to approve a resolution that condemned international terrorism. The two nations rejecting the resolution were the United States and Israel.

General Assembly Resolution 42/159 concerned measures to prevent international terrorism, deploring the continuation of all terrorist acts. The resolution also urges all states to contribute to the progressive elimination of the causes underlying international terrorism and to pay special attention to all situations, including colonialism, racism, situations involving mass and flagrant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, study the underlying political and economic causes of terrorism, convene a conference to define terrorism and to differentiate it from the struggle of people for national liberation.

From the U.S./Israeli point of view, violence committed by Israel against Palestinians is defensive. So, Israel's military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, routine use of torture, arbitrary demolition of homes, bulldozing olive trees, confiscating land and political assassinations are not examples of terrorism. These Israeli pogroms are simply necessary for defense! Palestinian violence in resistance, though always at a far lower level, is terrorism.

What can this self-defense possibly mean after 39 years of occupation? How can actions designed to preserve the occupation regime be termed defensive? The only legitimate defense is that of Israel's legal borders, from within its borders, not by occupying territories and denying the freedom of an entire people.

Israel systematically bulldozed homes occupied by people who have no rights in the land where they have lived since before history was written down. Human beings who have no chance of living decent dignified lives. These people, these human beings with hopes and dreams and eyes that see and hearts that feel and hands that touch, these human beings are persecuted and impoverished because they aren't Jewish. Dozens of families were forced out of their homes in mid-winter, families left without a roof over their head and without a living, seventy homes then razed before their eyes in one day, just to serve someone's expansionist politics.

The homes of people resisting the occupation, even by peaceful means, have been demolished sometimes with only a few hours notice for the occupants to get out. In May 2002, an estimated 10,000 Palestinians were left homeless when their homes were damaged or totally destroyed. Israel has destroyed some 4,100 homes in the Occupied Territories in the past four years.

Since fighting began Thursday 28 September 2000, some 16,000 people have been made homeless in Rafah, many of them during a large-scale army incursion in May, 2004, Human Rights Watch report said. "We've seen the piece by piece destruction of up to 10 percent of Rafah," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. Roth called the destruction gratuitous, saying the army was retaliating for the killing of five soldiers on the patrol road along the border.

There is no doubt that the destruction wrought by Israel over the last five years - the demolition of homes (some 4600 between 2000 and 2004), schools, roads, factories, workshops, hospitals, mosques and greenhouses, the razing of agricultural fields, the uprooting of trees, the confinement of the population and the denial of access to education and health services as a consequence of Israeli roadblocks and checkpoints - has been ruinous for Palestinians, especially those in the Gaza Strip.

Since beginning of the second Intifada hundreds of thousands of olive and fruit trees have been uprooted, cut and burnt down, throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The majority of them due to the "stripping" operations in the Gaza Strip along with the construction of the security barrier at the West Bank. Many thousands of olive and fruit trees of villages near settlements were destroyed by settlers who cut or burnt them down. The security forces in charge repeatedly failed to demonstrate even the smallest of efforts in attempt to prevent this vandalism.

Click: Israel keeps up Palestinian evictions

Meanwhile, the soul-and-body destroying situation in Palestine worsens all the time. There seems no force capable of stopping Sharon and Mofaz, who bellow their defiance to the whole world. We forbid, we punish, we ban, we break, we destroy. The torrent of unbroken violence against an entire people continues.

There are about 11,000 Palestinians detained in miserable Israeli prisons, many of them for long years without trial. A large number of them are on unlimited hunger strike, for more than 10 days now. The Israelis have lifted medical help just to put pressure and punish them. Israel's public security minister, Tzahi Hanegbi, like Mr Naveh a member of the rightwing Likud party of the prime minister, Ariel Sharon's, said last week he did not care if the prisoners starved to death. The World is in complete SILENCE...Human Rights!!!

Sharon and those who speak on his behalf stated that the aim of the "Disengagement Plan" in Gaza Strip is to "freeze" the peace process for decades, put peace in "formaldehyde", prevent forever the creation of a Palestinian state, destroy the elected Palestinian leadership and extend the settlements all over the West Bank. Sharon builds the Separation Fence, enlarges the settlements in the West Bank, initiates provocations, assassinates, kills, bombs and arrests the Palestinians.


A new report (Oct. 2002) by Amnesty International contends that Israeli forces committed war crimes in Jenin and Nablus this spring during a large-scale offensive in the West Bank, killing Palestinians unlawfully, blocking medical care, using people as human shields and bulldozing houses with residents inside. In Nablus, again on April 6, 2002, eight members of a single family were killed, including three children, their pregnant mother and an 85-year-old grandfather, when their house was bulldozed.

"Crimes against humanity: namely, murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.

The paradigmatic example of "crimes against humanity" is what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jewish people. This is where the concept of "crimes against humanity" came from. And this is what the U.N. Human Rights Commission determined that Israel is currently doing to the Palestinian people: crimes against humanity. Expressed in legal terms, this is just like what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews. That is the significance of the formal determination by the U.N. Human Rights Commission that Israel has inflicted "crimes against humanity" upon the Palestinian people. The Commission chose this well-known and long-standing legal term of art quite carefully and deliberately based upon the evidence it had compiled."

Read Prof. FA Boyle's Article:
The US Promotes Israeli Genocide

US vetoes at the UN in favor of Israel
(Click the following)


"Jews brandished the story of the holocaust
and erased the peaceful Palestinian population in 1948"

Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the philosopher who was an observant orthodox Jew, said: "The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust."

The Holocaust narrative makes Jews the ultimate victim no matter how they dispossess or dehumanize or ethnically cleanse the indigenous Palestinian people. The Holocaust narrative allows Yad Vashem, Holocaust museum, to repeat the mantra of "Never Forget" while it sits on Palestinian Arab lands stolen from Ein Karem and overlooking the unmarked graves of Palestinians massacred by Jewish terrorists at Deir Yassin.

The murder of millions of innocent Jews in Europe, not America, was among the many genocidal Holocausts in history. Jews were murdered, their properties confiscated, and were scapegoated for their faith and ethnicity. In the XXth century, the Zionists sold innocent Jewish families to Hitler and the western 'democracies', as cash for buying Palestine as the owners of that colony.

Deir Yassin Massacre

As Arthur Koestler was to write: the "bloodshed" at Deir Yassin. Deir Yasin was "the psychologically decisive factor in the spectacular exodus of the Arabs from the Holy Land and the creation of Palestinian refugee problem" Jacques Reynier agreed. He wrote that after the massacre, and because of the publicity it received, "the exodus (of Palestinians) began and became nearly general"

"Sixty-two years on, what really happened at Deir Yassin on 9 April remains obscured by lies, exaggerations and contradictions. Now Ha'aretz, a liberal Israeli newspaper, is seeking to crack open the mystery by petitioning Israel's High Court of Justice to release written and photographic evidence buried deep in military archives. Palestinian survivors of Deir Yassin, a village of around 400 inhabitants, claim the Jews committed a wholesale massacre there, spurring Palestinians to flee in the thousands, and undermining the long-held Israeli narrative that they left of their own accord."

Holocaust revisionists believe that the Jewish power will collapse if the Holocaust narrative is undermined.

Tragically and ironically, Jews in Israel are propagating the same crimes against innocent Palestinians while once again the world is SILENT, but this time America is providing the money, weapons, and protective Vetoes in the United Nation to directly support Israel's Jews in their "Palestinian Holocaust".

Watch this:
No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran says: our proposal is...give a piece of your ground in Europe, in the United States, in Canada or in Alaska so that they can create their state." He wants Israel relocated to Europe because the Holocaust occurred in Europe by fair skinned Europeans, not in Palestine by Semites. Ahmadinejad has both guts and a wry sense of humor, and he seems to be as popular in his country as Hugo Chavez is in Venezuela. Why do these nice folks hate USA?

The Holocaust Industry
By Norman Finkelstein

Norman G. Finkelstein's books include Beyond Chutzpah, The Holocaust Industry, A Nation on Trial and Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

The Holocaust has become a religion, and could be the most sinister religion known to man, for in the name of Jewish suffering, it issues licences to kill, to flatten, to nuke, to annihilate, to loot, to ethnically cleanse. It has made vengeance into an acceptable Western value.

Open Letter to Kofi Annan
By Various Authors,
15 March 2005


According to Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, the reduction of the North American Indian population from an estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237,000 in 1900 represents a "vast genocide . . . , the most sustained on record." By the end of the 19th century, writes David E. Stannard, a historian at the University of Hawaii, native Americans had undergone the "worst human Holocaust the world had ever witnessed, roaring across two continents non-stop for four centuries and consuming the lives of countless tens of millions of people."

Another quote, (Ward Churchill):

"I am not a "defender" of the September 11 attacks, but simply pointing out that if U.S. foreign policy results in massive death and destruction abroad, we cannot feign innocence when some of that destruction is returned. I have never said that people "should" engage in armed attacks on the United States, but that such attacks are a natural and unavoidable consequence of unlawful U.S. policy. As Martin Luther King, quoting Robert F. Kennedy, said, "Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable."

Read more details

Mel Gibson's film "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST" is the news of the month! It should remind us that the brutality of 1st Century Judea is little different from 21st Century Israel. As millions of us watch the torture of Jesus, reenacted, we should not forget that thousands of men and some women are still being tortured just as brutally in the same land where the Prince of Peace walked, and where He sacrificed himself for the sins of mankind. Did he not intend that His followers end brutality?

"The barbaric practice of extracting confessions from "detainees" by torture has always been used in Israel and was legitimatised in Israel by the 1994 Landau Decision. Human rights groups have fought against the use of torture for some 50 years, and it has been the subject of many UN resolutions, including one that declared Israel to be a "Terrorist State."

The Captive Boy (a Palestinian boy)

Horrified Palestinian Boy

Israeli State Terrorism in Gaza

Palestinian homes demolished by Israel, an everyday event

Israeli War Crimes in Rafah

Palestinian child watching his demolished home

School in Palestine
The journey starts here in Hebron,
the children starting their day going to school to be faced with a checkpoint:
Israeli soldier prevents the students from passing to school
and gives them orders to go back home

Israeli soldiers beating Palestinian child

Photo caption:
Lebaneese children killed
Monday, July 17, 2006.

Killed Lebanese children received the above messages

Israel is in flagrant and long-term violation of multiple
international laws and the Palestinians' basic human rights

"Whenever the facts are made known, there is immediate recognition and an expression of the most profound solidarity with the justice of the Palestinian cause and the valiant struggle by the Palestinian people on its behalf."

Israel has, as have all the members of the U.N., subscribed to the foundation principle of the U.N. - the inadmissibility of acquired territories by war, Israel has virtually doubled its size by conquest.

Nurit Peled Elhanan, a Jewish mother whose daughter was killed by a suicide bomber, told her story in Sept. 1997 Atlanta Constitution. This mother is a professor at a Hebrew University. She blames the Israeli government for her daughter's death, not the Palestinians. She said "Israel breeds the terrorists, they start them, they fertilize them by:


She also said in an article: "We must gather up our courage and teach our children to refuse. Refuse to take part in an organization that is led by war criminals, murderers of children. An organization like that cannot be anything but a crime organization. …"

The brave mother invited Palestinians to her daughter's funeral.

Nurit Peled Elhanan's speech addressing the European Parliament:

04/08/05 -- "Thank you for inviting me to this today. It is always an honour and a pleasure to be here, among you (at the European Parliament).

However, I must admit I believe you should have invited a Palestinian woman at my stead, because the women who suffer most from violence in my county are the Palestinian women. And I would like to dedicate my speech to Miriam R'aban and her husband Kamal, from Bet Lahiya in the Gaza Strip, whose five small children were killed by Israeli soldiers while picking strawberries at the family's strawberry field. No one will ever stand trial for this murder."

The question is, of course: What is Israel defending? Its people, or its program of conquest and expansion.

Disarmed Palestinians are no match for Israeli defense forces using U.S. made, most modern weapons in the world.

"By standards applied in Kosovo and Serbia, Ariel Sharon should have been brought to trial for war crimes. Instead, he has been elected Prime Minister"

In Israel, there is a direct express path that leads from the 'role of the assassin' to the Government seat. Time after time contemporary Israelite supplicate their highly decorated assassins to become their kings, to lead their army and then to integrate into the cabinet. This obviously happened to Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Sharon, Barak, Mofaz, Halutz, Dichter and many more.

A lawsuit was brought in Belgium by a group of Palestinian refugees demanding that Rm. Sharon be prosecuted for acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Disrespectful to moral values or law as he has shown himself on many occasions, a ruthless character, with a long history as the moving force behind the expansionist settler movement and war crimes, how can Bush and now Mubarak of Egypt explicitly credit Ariel Sharon with being "a man of peace"!!

There is so much injustice in our world and it is time for the Free People of the world to make a move fighting against discrimination, injustice and double standards.

His Holiness Pope John Paul II, describing the PLIGHT of Palestinians in refugee camps as "DEGRADING" and "BARELY TOLERABLE" in a speech in Bethlehem on March 22, 2000 said: "no one can ignore how much the Palestinian people have had to suffer in recent decades. Your torment is before the eyes of the world. And it has gone too long. Only with a just and lasting peace - not imposed but secured through negotiations - will legitimate Palestinian aspirations be fulfilled". Those are His Holiness the Pope's words.

Seven years after the Declaration of Principles in September 1993 "Israel has security and administrative control" of most of the West Bank and 20 per cent of the Gaza Strip. It has been able to double the number of Jewish settlers in 10 years, to enlarge the settlements, to continue its discriminatory policy of cutting back water quotas for 3.7 million Palestinians to 17 % and giving 83 % of the water to the Israelis (an Israeli gets 12 times more water than a Palestinian), to prevent Palestinian development in most of the area of the West Bank, and to seal an entire nation into 220 ghettos, disarmed and controlled by the Israeli army, imprisoned in a network of bypass roads meant for Jews only. As of late December 2003, there are 757 roadblocks in the West Bank. During these days of strict internal restriction of movement in the West Bank, one can see how carefully each road was planned: So that 400,000 Jews have freedom of movement, and about 3.7 million Palestinians are locked into isolated Bantustans(Read Uri Avnery's article) cut off from one another, until they submit to Israeli demands. The restrictions on movement lead to other human rights violations, such as infringement of the right to medical treatment, to education, and to earn a living. The blood bath that has been going on since Sept. 28, 2000 "Second Intifada" is the natural outcome of seven years of lying and deception, just as the first Intifada was the natural outcome of direct Israeli occupation.

Since the outbreak of the first Intifada in 1987, the world has seen those heinous war crimes inflicted every day by Israel against the Palestinian people living in occupied Palestine: e.g., willful killing of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli army and by Israel's illegal paramilitary settlers. These Israeli "grave breaches" of the Fourth Geneva Convention mandate universal prosecution for the perpetrators and their commanders, whether military or civilian, including and especially Israel's political leaders.

Barely-veiled threats of violence are made by the settler leaders, whose insistence to stay is motivated by their ongoing denial of the occupation reality and megalomanic dreams of being the God-ordained owners of the land.

Look for a future Palestine in the past

George E. Bisharat, The Electronic Intifada, 3 February 2005

Friday Dec. 31, 2004 Israeli peace activists to demonstrate against creation of new settlement north of Qalqilia, West Bank. "Gaza Disengagement plan: smokescreen for accelerated settlement building on the West Bank." Together with Palestinian villagers they will plant olive trees to replace those uprooted by the settlers.

Yonatan Shapira, 38, a former captain in the Israeli Air Force, previously an ardent Zionist who lost many members of his family in the Holocaust, has been labelled a psychopath and denounced by many Israelis for the moral stand he has taken against the Israeli occupation.

He said: "Our opinions changed drastically during the second Palestinian Intifadah which broke out in 2000 when we witnessed the ongoing criminality and cover-ups by the IDF. My mother became very politically active and now spends a lot of time in the West Bank,"

"Now I believe Israel is a racist state that brutalises the Palestinians in the occupied territories and discriminates against Israeli-Arabs within Israel. My friends and I have come to the conclusion that the only way to save Israel from itself is through international support of the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

The current government is the most extreme and right-wing Israeli government ever. It is no longer enough to try and change Israel from within. Israel has to be pressured in the same way apartheid South Africa was forced to change."

Unfortunately for America and Israel, Arab satellite television has been beaming the truth about the situation on an around-the-clock basis, and the people in the Arab World know who is being killed and who is being besieged.

"An Arab child sees on TV an old woman lamenting the demolition of her home. He sees on the walls in the street the photos of the martyred heroes, sons of his neighborhood, who have sacrificed their lives for their people and country. He hears what has happened to his cousin who was murdered by the evil Jews. He hears from his father that he cannot buy meat or eggs, because the Jews are not allowing him to work and put food on the table. At home there is no water for most of the day. Mother tells about grandpa and grandma, who have been languishing for 60 years in a miserable refugee camp in Lebanon. He knows that his family were driven out from their village in what became Israel and that the Jews are living there now. The hero of his class is the boy who jumped on a passing Israeli tank, or who dared to throw a stone from a distance of 10 meters at a soldier who was pointing a gun at him."

Prince Abdullah, of Saudi Arabia, proposed a peace plan: Israel's full acceptance of the Arab world in exchange for full withdrawal from territories occupied in 1967. The plan was proposed in the Arab Summit Meeting in March 2002. Brutal Sharon and his right-wing followers flatly rejected the proposal. They do not give a damn about Arab recognition.

In January 2002 Sharon and his staff put a plan to reoccupy all of Palestinian towns. This invasion plan was put in effect a couple of days after Prince Abdalla's Peace Plan (Land for Peace), Marsh 2002. The aim is demolition of the Palestinian Authority and the infrastructure, arresting those involved in the Intifada (uprising) and if necessary assassinating them and preparing for a Palestinian Holocaust. Now the Palestinians are with: No electricity. No water. No food. No medical care. No press. No safety anywhere... innocents are being slaughtered. Israel has barred press from "closed military zones" , imprisoning the truth along with the Palestinians as both are starved and tormented. The use of U.S. donated tanks and helicopter gunships against crowded Palestinian refugee camps, quite simply, is barbaric. Israel was trying to bury the evidence in Jenin refugee camp, but it cannot bury the terrible crime it has committed: a slaughter in which Palestinian civilians were cut down alongside the armed defenders of the camp. The Nazi's campaign was to destroy individuals as swiftly as possible, the Israeli campaign is to destroy the entire Palestinian population as slowly and as thoroughly as possible. The bloody U.S.A. footprints are on the dead bodies of the Palestinians and their children.

I quote Miss Janine Giovanni, The Times of London reporter: ". . . we had to run through olive groves, dodging from tree to tree because of an Israeli sniper. I have seen demolished houses before. I have seen wells stuffed with bodies. I have seen civilians terrorized and living under siege. But what remains of Jenin camp is a wasteland of death that once housed 13,000 people."

"The closures on Gaza and the West Bank mean that today more than half the [Palestinian] population is living under the local poverty benchmark, which is $2 a day," said Mark Malloch Brown, the head of the United Nations Development Program.

Palestinians now know that it will result only in an Israeli version of apartheid. The blind devotion to Israel, even when Israel is wrong, is going to cost Americans - and no more than 17 young lives already lost in Yemen. The axiom "The friend of my enemy is my enemy" is very true.

Avraham Burg was speaker of Israel's Knesset from 1999 to 2003 and is a former chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. He is currently a Labor Party Knesset member. I quote from his article:

"It is very comfortable to be a Zionist in West Bank settlements such as Beit El and Ofra. The biblical landscape is charming. From the window you can gaze through the geraniums and bougainvilleas and not see the occupation. Traveling on the fast highway that takes you from Ramot on Jerusalem's northern edge to Gilo on the southern edge, a 12-minute trip that skirts barely a half-mile west of the Palestinian roadblocks, it's hard to comprehend the humiliating experience of the despised Arab who must creep for hours along the pocked, blockaded roads assigned to him. One road for the occupier, one road for the occupied.

This cannot work. Even if the Arabs lower their heads and swallow their shame and anger forever, it won't work. A structure built on human callousness will inevitably collapse in on itself. Note this moment well: Zionism's superstructure is already collapsing like a cheap Jerusalem wedding hall. Only madmen continue dancing on the top floor while the pillars below are collapsing."

Construction of the so-called security fence, what Carter terms the "imprisonment wall," accentuates the impact of new and expanded settlements in the West Bank. The fence weaves in and out, sometimes following the pre-1967 boundary, more often not. Largely built on Palestinian land, it separates Palestinians from Palestinians, dividing and compartmentalizing them. Javier Solana, the European Union foreign policy chief, said he was "shocked" when he visited Israel in late January 2007 and saw the extent to which the combination of Jewish settlement and security fence construction was cutting into land Palestinians wanted - and needed - for a two-state solution. He urged the Israelis to freeze West Bank settlements and stop construction of the security fence.

Click this to read a comment in the Guardian
"Israel can halt this now" by a Jewish, British MP,
who visited Gaza

Special Report January/February 2004

Failed Strategies, Continued Resistance May Force Bush and Sharon to Change Course

By Rachelle Marshall

"Reality may also be catching up with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. For three years he has used every violent means possible to crush Palestinian resistance. Palestinians have been jailed, beaten, bombed, and shot by Israeli forces. They have died when their ambulances were stopped at checkpoints. Their homes have been demolished and their fields and orchards destroyed. They have seen their children go hungry when Israeli soldiers prevented food trucks from getting through. The International Red Cross, which announced in November that it was giving up its emergency food program in the West Bank, warned that Israel's actions are leading to the worst humanitarian crisis. Some of Israel's most hard-headed officials have come to realize that brutal measures haven't worked, that despite the punishment Palestinians have endured they have survived with their aspirations and determination intact. As a result, there is mounting pressure on Sharon from inside Israel to change course. On Nov. 13 the prime minister was confronted with a front-page headline in the newspaper Yediot Ahronot reading: Four directors of GSS [Israel's General Security Services, or Shin Bet] warn: Israel in grave danger. The four security chiefs warned that Israel's economy, social fabric, and identity as a democracy were headed toward decline, and said only a political solution could end the conflict. They called on the government to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza, abandon most of the settlements, and end the immoral treatment of Palestinians."

Palestine Defended on the BBC

Eventually, Israel will be destroyed by the Arab birthrate. In the meantime, thousands on all sides will die because of the cowardice of American politicians.

Israel Shamir is one of the best-known and most respected Russian-Israeli writers and journalists. He was 15 when he traveled with his mother to Israel in 1948. By the early 1960's, he had become critical of Zionism.

Israel Adam Shamir is a leading Israeli writer and intellectual turned dissident. He served as paratrooper in the army and fought in the 1973 war, has reported for the Haaretz, the BBC, and major media. He was a parliamentary spokesman for the Israeli Socialist Party, but later became disenchanted with Zionism. He called for dismantling the exclusivist Jewish State, and for full equality of a Jew and Gentile in all of Palestine/Israel. He was received in the Orthodox Church of the Holy Land in 2003, after being baptized by Archbishop Theodosius Attala Hanna. His books Galilee Flowers and Cabbala of Power were published in many languages and countries. He also translated the Renaissance Jewish chronics The Book of Lineage and the Odyssey of Homer. He is hailed as one of the great humanists of our time. Shamir’s website is www.israelshamir.net . He lives in the mixed Jewish-Arab town of Jaffa on the Mediterranean shore described in his stories. Shamir (60) is father of three sons.

Not another peace plan

There were 122 Israeli children who have been killed in this current intifada, which started Sept. 29, 2000. But are you aware of the 686 Palestinian children who have died? About 1,000 Israeli adults have been killed, while 3,653 Palestinian adults have been killed. About 7,000 Israelis have been wounded; 29,014 Palestinians have been wounded. Palestinians have nothing with which to resist the occupation of their land except rifles, pistols, homemade bombs and small rockets. Israel, of course, is ranked fifth in the world as a military power and has all the modern weaponry America can supply.

2,202 Palestinian homes were completely destroyed and 14,436 partially destroyed by Israeli Defence Force since Sept. 29, 2000. You can guess how many Palestinians are homeless at present.

Henry Siegman, a senior fellow on the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations, is a former executive head of the American Jewish Congress.

"Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is approaching its fifth decade. It is an occupation that has inflicted unspeakable cruelty on a civilian population of 3.5 million Palestinians."

Rabbi demonstrating in Durban, South Africa, August 29, 2001: End Of Zionism = Peace

4 Jewish Rabbis
Make Pro-Palestinian Appearance in Beirut

Prof. Tanya Reinhart's article on Oct. 25, 2001:

"The an unimaginably costly war that continues and continues against Iraq, which has no weapons of mass destruction to speak of, will lead to the wreckage that is about to engulf our world. The Neo-Colonialists are re-drawing the map of the whole region in the Middle East. New Sykes Picot. New Balfour. It is absolutely not The War Against Terror. The clear purpose of this war is not only to destroy Saddam Hussein's regime, it is to re-design the entire region and have full control over the oil. We are on the eve of a catastrophe. I can only hope that the world wakes up one day to say enough is enough. Wars are stupid."

Click to read the cost of war in Iraq

Please take a few minutes to watch this:
"Folks, this will make you thankful for everything you have
and as one of the judges said
"Will make everything you worry about so pathetic" .
Enjoy this one! It's getting 10,000 hits a day.

General and President Dwight Eisenhower said that, "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed."

"Bush has destroyed the entire social, political, and economic fabric of Iraq. Saddam Hussein sat on the lid of Pandora's Box of sectarian antagonisms, but Bush has opened the lid. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed as 'collateral damage' in Bush's war to bring 'stable democracy' to Iraq. Tens of thousands of Iraqi children have been orphaned and maimed. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have fled their country. The Middle East is aflame with hatred of America, and the ground is shaking under the feet of American puppet governments in the Middle East. US casualties (killed and wounded) number 25,000."

When a prominent American political figure speaks boldly about Jewish-Zionist power, that's news. So the recent remarks by South Carolina's senior Senator that Iraq was invaded "to secure Israel," and that "everybody" in Washington knows it, are indeed remarkable.

Can the US change course?
By Patrick Seale
Gulf News, Opinion (UAE)
10 November 2006

"Friends of Israel would no doubt argue that the smashing of a major Arab state has improved Israel's strategic environment by removing any threat from the East. But the price paid by America has been very high indeed and will continue to be paid for many years unless the United States recovers the independence of its Middle East policy."

On September 12, 2002 President George W. Bush clearly stated at the UN General Assembly: "The United States helped found the United Nations. We want the United Nations to be effective and respectful and successful. We want the resolutions of the world's most important multilateral body to be enforced. And right now those resolutions are being unilaterally subverted by the Iraqi regime."

Why not substitute "Iraqi" for "Israeli" and ask the same questions?

The U.S. always backs Israel and in the U.N. it would VETO any Resolution condemning Israel. The US has become, like the 19th century British, a pompous arrogant bully in the global arena, starting wars and alienating a good share of the world.

As one of the top Democratic recipients of pro-Israel funds for the 2006 election cycle, pocketing over $83,000, Hillary Clinton now has Iran in her cross hairs.

During a Hanukkah dinner speech delivered in December 2005, hosted by Yeshiva University, Hillar Clinton prattled, "I held a series of meetings with Israeli officials [last summer], including the prime minister and the foreign minister and the head of the [Israel Defense Forces], to discuss such challenges we confront. In each of these meetings, we talked at length about the dire threat posed by the potential of a nuclear-armed Iran, not only to Israel, but also to Europe and Russia. Just this week, the new president of Iran made further outrageous comments that attacked Israel's right to exist that are simply beyond the pale of international discourse and acceptability. During my meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, I was reminded vividly of the threats that Israel faces every hour of every day. It became even more clear how important it is for the United States to stand with Israel."

As Hillary Clinton embraces Israel's violence, as well as AIPAC's fraudulent posture on Iran, she simultaneously ignores the hostilities inflicted upon Palestine, as numerous Palestinians have been killed during the continued shelling of the Gaza Strip over the past year.

Hillary Clinton's silence toward Israel's brutality implies the senator will continue to support AIPAC's mission to occupy the whole of the occupied territories, as well as a war on Iran. AIPAC is correct even President Bush appears to be a little sheepish when up against the warmongering of Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. supplies Israel with its latest, most advanced and secret weapons (often before they are available to its own armed forces), thus making Israel The Super Power in the area. Israel is militarily the most powerful state in the Middle East. It is loaded to the gills with advanced weaponry. It has everything from missiles, atomic bombs and advanced fighters to helicopters, gun ships, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Israel has refused to sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) sponsored by the U.S. The United States supports Israel's refusal to sign the NPT according to a secret agreement signed 1963. All the Palestinians have are stones. The same weapons were used in

Qana Massacre (Lebanon)

Israel not only already has developed a very dangerous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction but also is a psychotic nest of murderous thugs posing a danger to the whole world. More than that, Israel has repeatedly shown itself willing to use terrorist tactics against anyone, including America, anytime it thinks it can get away with it. When armaments are in the hands of immoral people, the danger is high that a nuclear war could be launched. Indeed, people in power who have no morality and no judgment can be expected to do anything, including killing millions of people.

A memorable example of that is Israel's murderous attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, which killed 34 American servicemen. The Israelis attacked the ship without warning, using jet aircraft (supplied by the United States) and torpedo boats.

Click and Read:
Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics
By James Petras

Christian Zionism Agonizes Family Members
Charles E. Carlson Nov 18, 2008

"I've heard this also from Phil Tourney, who happened to be co-speaker at a forum in California where my talk on Christian Zionism came first. Phil's story was familiar to me and is true. He is a wounded U.S. Navy survivor of Israel's 1967 vicious attack on the USS Liberty, which became a deliberate cover-up by military top brass under directives from President Johnson. In case you didn't know, Israel attacked and wounded half the crew and killed over 30 of Tourney's crewmates. Tourney rose with a question, and with pain in his voice he told the entire audience about his own story of two adult daughters from whom he has been essentially estranged because he tried to tell them about his life-changing experience of four decades ago. They refuse to listen because Israel is involved.

Tourney's story detailed how every one of the crew survivors was threatened by a general officer of the Navy with 'prison or worse' if he ever told anyone what really happened on the USS Liberty. For two decades, Tourney did not even tell his wife. And when he finally broke silence, as a number of his crewmembers had, his own daughters rejected him. Both, he said, had become Judeo-Christian church members and believed that Israel was ordained by God to occupy Palestine, and can do no wrong. Most Judeo-Christians are taught anyone who speaks against Israel may be damned by God... including their own father. Imagine the pain."

"With between 200 and 500 thermonuclear weapons and a sophisticated delivery system, Israel has quietly supplanted Britain as the World's 5th Largest nuclear power, and may currently rival France and China in the size and sophistication of its nuclear arsenal. Although dwarfed by the nuclear arsenals of the U.S. and Russia, each possessing over 10,000 nuclear weapons, Israel nonetheless is a major nuclear power, and should be publicly recognized as such. Since the Gulf War in 1991, while much attention has been lavished on the threat posed by Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the major culprit in the region, Israel, has been largely ignored. Possessing chemical and biological weapons, an extremely sophisticated nuclear arsenal, and an aggressive strategy for their actual use, Israel provides the major regional impetus for the development of weapons of mass destruction and represents an acute threat to peace and stability in the Middle East. The Israeli nuclear program represents a serious impediment to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation and, with India and Pakistan, is a potential nuclear flashpoint (prospects of meaningful non-proliferation are a delusion so long as the nuclear weapons states insist on maintaining their arsenals). Citizens concerned about sanctions against Iraq, peace with justice in the Middle East, and nuclear disarmament have an obligation to speak out forcefully against the Israeli nuclear program."

Rabbis Demonstrating


November 3, 2003 By International Herald Tribune

Almost 60 percent of Europeans say that Israel is a larger threat to world peace than North Korea, Iran or Afghanistan

Since 1976 Israel has been the single largest annual recipient of US aid. Israel has received US$ 4.1 billions from the US in the year (2000), $91.8 billion from 1949 to Oct. 31, 1999 as a free gift, and much of it is in the form of military grants. Israel has become like a leech on the United States of America. Without the U.S., Israel would not survive. Click to read the details of US Aid to Israel:

The Cost Of Israel To The American People
It is now (1973 to 2007) 1.6 Trillion US Dollars


Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US

Between 2009-2018, the United States is scheduled to give Israel--the largest recipient of U.S. aid--$30 billion in military aid. Through its illegal 42-year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, Israel misuses U.S. weapons in violation of U.S. law to kill and injure Palestinian civilians, destroy Palestinian civilian infrastructure, blockade the Gaza Strip, and build illegal settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In the above article, David R. Francis, specifically laid out for readers the details of a controversial report prepared by economist Thomas Stauffer - and commissioned by the US Army War College, about US aid to Israel.

Every man, woman and child in Israel gets a $14,000/year pension from the U.S. taxpayer. This from a nation that can't give its people single payer health care and pays for 800 military bases around the world and bails out the bankers and not the poor citizen who was robbed AND fights trillion dollar wars that benefit no one....

I quote "How Many Weapons to Israel?" :

"From FY2000 to 2009, the United States appropriated to Israel $24.099 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF), the official budgetary term for military aid. With this taxpayer money, the United States licensed, paid for, and delivered more than 670,903,390 weapons and related equipment to Israel, valued at $18.866 billion through three major weapons transfer programs during this same period."

"According to the 2008 official Pentagon inventory of our military bases around the world, our empire consists of 865 facilities in more than 40 countries and overseas U.S. territories. We deploy over 190,000 troops in 46 countries and territories. In just one such country, Japan, at the end of March 2008, we still had 99,295 people connected to U.S. military forces living and working there -- 49,364 members of our armed services, 45,753 dependent family members, and 4,178 civilian employees. Some 13,975 of these were crowded into the small island of Okinawa, the largest concentration of foreign troops anywhere in Japan.

According to Anita Dancs, an analyst for the website Foreign Policy in Focus, the United States spends approximately $250 billion each year maintaining its global military presence. The sole purpose of this is to give us hegemony -- that is, control or dominance -- over as many nations on the planet as possible."

The irony:

"Nearly 35 million Americans live in hungry or "food-insecure" households says the Tufts University Center on Hunger, Poverty and Nutrition Policy"

Another Quote:

"One in 11 families, one in nine Americans, and one in six children are officially poor. The most affluent fifth of the population received half of all household income last year. The poorest fifth got 3.5 per cent. The official poverty line is an income of $18,104/yr for a family of four. A single parent of two working full-time for a minimum wage would make $10,712/yr. 40 per cent of homeless men are VETERANS."

50 million Americans have no health insurance


We Bought and Paid For Carnage of Palestinians
By Robert Jensen

George Bush proposes another large tax cut for the 1% of the population that is comparatively rich. The public education system is in crisis and health insurance for 50 million Americans simply does not exist. Israel asks for $15bn in additional loan guarantees and military aid. And the unemployment rates in the US mount inexorably, as more jobs are lost every day.


The American Caesar

A quote from an article by John Pilger on Jan. 29, 2003:

"Unelected in 2000, the Washington regime of George W Bush is now totalitarian, captured by a clique whose fanaticism and ambitions of "endless war" and "full spectrum dominance" are a matter of record.

All the world knows their names: Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Perle, and Powell, the false liberal. Bush's State of the Union speech was reminiscent of that other great moment in 1938 when Hitler called his generals together and told them: "I must have war." He then had it.

The current American elite is the Third Reich of our times, although this distinction ought not to let us forget that they have merely accelerated more than half a century of unrelenting American state terrorism: from the atomic bombs dropped cynically on Japan as a signal of their new power to the dozens of countries invaded, directly or by proxy, to destroy democracy wherever it collided with American "interests", such as a voracious appetite for the world's resources, like oil."

I quote Jack M. Balkin, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School. September 22, 2002:

"Today the world faces a single man armed with weapons of mass destruction, manifesting an aggressive, bullying attitude, who may well plunge the world into chaos and bloodshed if he miscalculates. This person, belligerent, arrogant and sure of himself, truly is the most dangerous person on Earth. The problem is that his name is George W. Bush, and he is our president."

I quote Edward Said, April 2003:

"Bush's team had given Ariel Sharon's government a free hand to colonize the West Bank and Gaza, to kill, detain and expel people at will, to demolish their homes, expropriate their land, imprison them by curfew and hundreds of military blockades, make life for them generally speaking impossible; after 9/11, Sharon simply hitched his wagon to "the war on terrorism" and intensified his unilateral depredations against a defenseless civilian population, now under occupation for 39 years, despite literally tens of UN Security Council resolutions enjoining Israel to withdraw and otherwise desist from its war crimes and human rights abuses. Bush called Sharon a man of peace last June, and kept the five billion dollar subsidy coming without even the vaguest hint that it was at risk because of Israel's lawless brutality."

The U.S. is indeed the strongest nation in the world, the only one powerful enough to unite the planet against itself

"Despite being the single largest polluter of the world's atmosphere, and on a per capita basis the most profligate of the major nations, the US (along with Australia) has refused to join the 178 states that have accepted the Kyoto Protocol."

The Honest Broker

An Aug. 3, 2006 McClatchy wire story by Ron Hutcheson quotes Matthew Brooks: "If there's a starting point for George W. Bush's attachment to Israel, it's the day in late 1998, when he stood on a hilltop where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, and, with eyes brimming with tears, read aloud from his favorite hymn, 'Amazing Grace'. He was very emotional. It was a tear-filled experience. He brought Israel back home with him in his heart. I think he came away profoundly moved."

So locked into Israel has US foreign policy become, so fearful of Israel have almost all its Congressmen and Congresswomen become � to the extent of loving Israel more than America � that America will stand out not as the nation that produced Woodrow Wilson and his 14 principles of self-determination, not as the country which fought Nazism and Fascism and Japanese militarism, not as the beacon of freedom which, we are told, its Founding Fathers represented � but as a curmudgeonly, selfish, frightened state whose President, Obama, after promising a new affection for the Muslim world, is forced to support an occupying power against a people who only ask for statehood.

Now he has blown it, perhaps forever. No self-respecting Arab will forgive him for plunging his knife into the back of the helpless Palestinians. All the credit the US has tried to gain in the last months in the Arab and the wider Muslim world has been blown away with one puff. All for reelection.

Bush's Global Imperialism

The Emperor

The United States maintains 737 military bases
in 130 countries across the globe.


Abraham Lincoln, letter to Col. William F. Elkins:

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country...corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war." --

Patrick J. Buchanan,
The American Conservative. March 24, 2003:

"We charge that a cabal of polemicists and public officials seek to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America's interests. We charge them with colluding with Israel to ignite those wars and destroy the Oslo Accords. We charge them with deliberately damaging U.S. relations with every state in the Arab world that defies Israel or supports the Palestinian people's right to a homeland of their own. We charge that they have alienated friends and allies all over the Islamic and Western world through their arrogance, hubris, and bellicosity."

Empire V. Democracy
by Chalmers Johnson
31 January 2006

"I had set out to explain how exactly our government came to be so hated around the world. As a CIA term of tradecraft, "blowback" does not just mean retaliation for things our government has done to, and in, foreign countries. It refers specifically to retaliation for illegal operations carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the American public. These operations have included the clandestine overthrow of governments various administrations did not like, the training of foreign militaries in the techniques of state terrorism, the rigging of elections in foreign countries, interference with the economic viability of countries that seemed to threaten the interests of influential American corporations, as well as the torture or assassination of selected foreigners. The fact that these actions were, at least originally, secret meant that when retaliation does come -- as it did so spectacularly on September 11, 2001 -- the American public is incapable of putting the events in context. Not surprisingly, then, Americans tend to support speedy acts of revenge intended to punish the actual, or alleged, perpetrators. These moments of lashing out, of course, only prepare the ground for yet another cycle of blowback."

I quote Phil Rockstroh 11/22/06:

"Hyperbolic, you say. No, it's an understatement. Remember we're speaking about the country that committed the most sustained, large-scale holocaust in human history, right here on our own soil -- the genocidal destruction of the Native American Nations. Happy Thanks-taking, America. Holocaust museums should be as prevalent as shopping malls, upon the blood-sodden soil of this land. In addition, while we're chronicling the carnage, let us not forget that we're the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons as an act of war (the most massive terrorist attack of all time) wherein we killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians for no other reason than to put Stalin on notice that we were to be the lone colossus bestriding the war decimated post-war world."

Turn off the life support: America is dead

"It doesn't matter what the Supreme Court may or may not do. The President of the United States has declared himself a "war time President" and granted himself dictatorial rights that no one in Congress or the Court appears able to successfully challenge him.

The America we used to cherish is dead, replaced by a ruthless dictator. The America that more than 3,100 men and women died for in Iraq no longer exists. We might as well pull the sheet over Uncle Sam's head and prepare for the funeral."

Read the following
Crusade of Surge and Siege
Part Two Of Three - Part One Here
Cages of Conquest
Hear No Evil, See No Evil
By Manuel Valenzuela
20/02/08 "ICH"

US elections

Rabbi Lerner of Tikkun explained: "Jewish voters are only 2% of the U.S. population, but they are mostly concentrated in the states with the highest number of delegate and electoral votes (New York, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois), they contribute financially to politicians disproportionately to their percentage of the voters, and they are often in key roles as opinion shapers in the communities in which they work or live."

Both Democrats and Republicans assume that a successful candidate must be traditionally 'pro-Israel' promoting unconditional American backing for Israel, its current government and policies in order to gain the support of the American Jewish constituency. Periodically a candidate will get attacked for not being supportive enough of Israel, but unlike other foreign policy issues, regarding Israel it's generally felt that no more discussion is needed, and general silence is encouraged.

Every member of Congress and every would-be candidate for Congress comes to quickly understand a basic lesson. Money needed to run for office can come with great ease from supporters of Israel, provided that the candidate makes certain promises, in writing, to vote favorably on issues considered important to Israel. What drives much of congressional support for Israel is fear - fear that the pro-Israel Lobby will either withhold campaign contributions or give money to one's opponent.

"A friend of mine used about the US election campaigns a phrase that I took to heart: Voting for either of the candidates is like choosing between the plague and cholera. In Denmark we enjoy relatively great health care, a good social security system, high unemployment subsidies; these things make our country safe - We have low crime rates (Virtually the only people committing crimes are troubled youth...) and we do not have to worry as much about money and health care as the Americans do. And that, my American friends, is freedom for you. Freedom to go to school, and freedom to walk the streets. The problem with America, in my opinion, and in most Danes' opinion, is that America does not have a strong party of the Socialist ideology, like we Danes do - I do not know why a country with as many poor people and crime issues as America do not have a strong Socialistic party to solve some of the poverty issues or at least help balance them out. It makes no sense that the country has only Liberal and Conservative candidates when a that huge part of the populace ought to be Socialists, historically speaking. Maybe the 'commoners' in the States just have very low political consciousness...but I want everyone to see that America has to decrease crime rates and poverty before they should even have a foreign policy."
Emil Srensen, Holstebro, Denmark

(The lesser of the two evils is still evil)

November 8, 2008 Quotation from an article by Larry Pinkney:

"It is no mere coincidence that Democratic Party Republicrat, Barack Obama, had the unheard of amount of approximately 600 million dollars in his political campaign coffer compared with fellow Republican Party Republicrat, John McCain, approximately 100 million campaign coffer dollars. This fact alone should give some crucial insight into the despicable financial role played by corporations, and their outrageous, unacceptable, and massively inordinate amount of influence and control over the electoral system in this so-called democracy. Most of this money is blood money, based upon exploitation from the corporate Wall Street and military corporate elite. This fact alone gives yet another good indication as to what to expect under an Obama presidency. It is totally reprehensible and unacceptable and an utter mockery of democracy."

Jewish Voice for Peace:

"In the heat of the presidential election, Senator John Kerry met with a group of Jewish leaders handpicked by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. The leaders of the establishment Jewish community put Kerry on notice that the number-one Jewish issue was not erosion of the church-state divide, civil rights or a just peace in the Middle East, but rather support of Israel right or wrong. Almost immediately, Kerry endorsed Bush and Sharon's agreement to accept permanent Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, thus reversing almost 40 years of US policy.

This story helps us understand why there was barely any difference between Bush and Kerry on the US-Israel-Palestine issue"

Press Release 17/12/05:

Gush Shalom:

"Neither the government of Israel nor the US Congress can censor the Palestinian political system and dictate who shall not participate in the Palestinian elections. Democracy means that the Palestinian public, like all others, could freely elect its representatives and leaders, says Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc. For better or worse, Hamas is one of the two main political parties on the Palestinian scene. Palestinian elections without the Hamas would be a meaningless farce, like US elections from which the Republican or the Democratic Party was excluded. The State of Israel should be willing to negotiate with whoever wins the elections and becomes the elected representative of the Palestinian people. If the government of Israel wants to influence the outcome of the elections, the only legitimate way to do it is to take concrete and visible steps showing its intention to put an end to the occupation."

The Peace Envoy
By Gilad Atzmon

"What a great day for peace enthusiasts! A new envoy to the Middle East has been appointed for the Quartet, and it's no other than the former British PM, Tony Blair. Blair, the man who gave the Israelis the green light to flatten Beirut. Blair, the man who started an illegal war in Iraq. Blair, a man who, according to the Geneva Conventions, is to be held personally responsible for more than 700,000 dead in Iraq for failing to 'protect civilian populations against certain consequences of war'. A man who is supposed to be charged for genocide at The Hague. That's right, a man who should end his life behind bars is now becoming a peace envoy."

Under the United Nations Charter, to which the US and Britain are signatories, only the United Nations could legally undertake armed action against another state.

Bush insists that the wars are being waged
to make the world safe for democracy. What humbug!

"Bush and Co. have lied about weapons of mass destruction and the grave threat Iraq posed to the United States, have violated the Constitution, the Nuremberg Charter and Geneva Conventions by waging wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq and threatening other nations, summarily executing and killing tens of thousands of people while leading a growing number, now over 200, young American men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces to death in their criminal war and occupation of Iraq. They have attacked the civil rights and civil liberties of the people of the United States in their efforts to tear apart the Bill of Rights and reverse decades of hard-won social justice accomplishments."

....Ramsey Clark

Another quote: "So again, we must ask, why did we (the US) go to war against Iraq? Besides the obvious, conquering the Middle-East for the Jewish regional hegemony, there is no reason for us to be there.

Yet, the majority of Americans now knows this and wants to leave, but the Jews never quit. They will abuse all forms of power at their disposal, whenever they have any power, and they want us to now kill a lot of people in Iran and Syria. So, when will we start attacking those countries? Actually, we already are. Just as the CIA overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and put a Jew servant in charge, complete with a loyal staff of Jews, the same is going on in Iran and Syria"

An unprecedented gathering of senior American intelligence officers, diplomats and former Pentagon officials met in Washington, in the words of Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst and friend of Bush's father: "Now we know that no other president of the United States has ever lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably ... The presumption now has to be that he's lying any time that he's saying anything."

A quotation from an article, May 26, 2009, by an American mother, Cindy Sheehan, who's son Casey was killed in Iraq:

"Casey will always be my hero but he was a victim of US Imperialism and his death should bring shame, not pride, as it did not bring freedom to anyone. I will, of course, mourn his senseless death on Memorial Day as I do everyday.

However, we do not need another day here in America to glorify war which enables the Military Industrial Complex to commit its crimes under the black cloak of "Patriotism."

From Palestine to Africa to South America, our quest for global economic domination kills, sickens, maims or oppresses people on a daily basis and about 25,000 children per day die of starvation. I am not okay with these facts and I am not proud of my country."

End US aid to Israel

Why The US Should End Aid To Israel
By Todd May

WHY 9/11?,
a new video narrated by Daniel A. McGowan,
Professor Emeritus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
Watch this video

The Ultimate Betrayal


Howard Zinn

"The people of the United States have been betrayed, because with the Cold War over and "the threat of communism" no longer able to justify the stealing of trillions of the public's tax dollars for the military budget, that theft of the national wealth continues. It continues at the expense of the sick, the children, the elderly, the homeless, the unemployed, wiping out the expectations after the fall of the Soviet Union that there would be a "peace dividend" to bring prosperity to all."

Israel seeks $2.2 billion from US for Gaza pullout

"The self-proclaimed freedom of the United States has always served the interests of a small number of wealthy people. In 1998, a book titled "The Buy of Congress: How Special Interests Have Stolen Your Right to Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness" was published in the United States, exposing how the US Congress has become a tool of special interest groups. According to the book, between 1987-96, 500 large American companies donated at least US$182 million to congressmen and US$73 million to Democratic and Republican parties."

U.S.Human Rights Record in 1999

"The Feds are the unseen "shadow government" , they are the ones who are governing our once great Republic. They control both houses of Congress and also the President, and no-one dare oppose them. they are all powerful because they control the money supply. No con artist or group of con artists in history has ever perpetrated a scam that even approaches the scope of this one."

More than fifty years after the Holocaust, Israel still receives reparations for atrocities committed against Jews during World War II. But the Palestinian refugees, whose property was taken by the Israeli government, are denied any kind of restitution. The Israelis should understand the plight of the Palestinians more than any one. Israel has brought shame to America by using US foreign aid and grants to kill civilians.

After being forcibly exiled from their land, the Palestinians kept faith with it throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom.

Jews are 2.5 to 3 times as likely to be found in Congress than are non-Jews, in proportion to their numbers in the general population. Eight members of the Senate and thirty members of the House are Jewish. Regarding Jewish influence in the halls of Congress and the government bureaucracy, Jewish political commentator Wolf Blitzer wrote:

"Whether in the Pentagon, the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the White House, the National Security Council, the Justice Department, the FBI or the Congress, there is no shortage of Jews working in very senior and extremely sensitive positions."

Jeff Blankfort writes, "Ardently pro-Israel American Jews are in positions of unprecedented influence within the United States and have assumed or been given decision making positions over virtually every segment of our culture and body politic".

US policy in the Middle East is made in Israel,
not in Washington.

The Israel Lobby
John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

I quote Uri Avnery (a conscientious Israeli):

"I COULD tell some more stories like these, but the point is made. I recount them only in connection with the scandal recently caused by two American professors, Stephen Walt of Harvard and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago. They published a research paper on the influence of the Israel Lobby in the United States.

In 80 pages, 40 of them footnotes and sources, the two show how the pro-Israel Lobby exercises unbridled power in the US capital, how it terrorizes the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, how the White House dances to its tune (if indeed a house can dance), how the important media obey its orders and how the universities, too, live in fear of it.

The paper caused a storm. And I don't mean the predictable wild attacks by the "friends of Israel" - which means almost all politicians, journalists and professors. These pelted the authors with all the usual accusations: that they were anti-Semites, that they were resurrecting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and so forth. There was something paradoxical in these attacks, since they only illustrated the authors' case.

But the debate that fascinates me is of a different nature. It broke out between senior intellectuals, from the legendary Noam Chomsky, the guru of the Left throughout the world (including Israel), to progressive websites everywhere. The bone of contention: the conclusion of the paper that the Jewish-Israeli lobby dominates US foreign policy and subjugates it to Israeli interests - in glaring contradiction to the national interest of the US itself. A case in point: the American assault on Iraq."

"The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now." --Henry Ford, 2-17-21, whose newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, cited the Protocols as evidence of an alleged Jewish threat until at least 1927

There's more evidence than ever piling up that the Jewish (Zionist) stringpullers who control Bush are desperate to destabilize and engage in violent "regime change" in any state that threatens Israel's hegemony and power to conquer or destroy anyone they choose in the Middle East. Examples are Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

"Israel is a scofflaw nation and should be treated as such. Instead of helping Sharon intensify Palestinian misery, our president should suspend all aid until Israel ends its occupation of Arab land Israel seized in 1967. The suspension would force Sharon's compliance or lead to his removal from office, as the Israeli electorate will not tolerate a prime minister who is at odds with the White House.

If Bush needs an additional reason for doing the right thing, he can justify the suspension as a matter of military necessity, an essential step in winning international support for his war on terrorism. He can cite a worthy precedent. When President Abraham Lincoln issued the proclamation that freed only the slaves in states that were then in rebellion, he made the restriction because of "military necessity".

If Bush suspends US aid, he will liberate all Americans from long years of bondage to Israel's misdeeds.

William J. Murray knocks Alison Weir's camera
across room at CNI press conference

AIPAC, the Religious Right and American foreign policy
By Rodrigue Tremblay Online Journal August 29, 2006-08

Watch Israel Domination over USA

Each and every American is a wage slave for Israel as billions and billions of hard earned tax dollars continue to generously fund and support Israel's racist war on the Palestinians.

The Israeli lobby in the U.S. is very powerful. In fact, its influence over the US Congress and Senate calls into question the degree to which the American legislature has been corrupted by lobby groups. Uri Avnery, the leader of Gush Shalom, the most courageous Israeli peace group, pointed out in his essay: that Americans have to turn to hear just how mighty the lobby has become. "Its electoral and financial power casts a long shadow over both houses of the Congress. Hundreds of Senators and Congressmen were elected with the help of Jewish contributions. Resistance to the directives of the Jewish lobby is political suicide. If the AIPAC were to table a resolution abolishing the Ten Commandments, 80 Senators and 300 Congressmen would sign it at once. This lobby frightens the media, too, and assures their adherence to Israel." Major American Jewish Organizations number 52. Holocaust revisionists believe that the Jewish power will collapse if the Holocaust narrative is undermined.

"AIPAC is a sham. The group has, over the years, destroyed anyone who has tried to have it named what it really is, a dangerous foreign lobby and nest of spies. AIPAC is the most feared organization in Washington and most powerful, above any law. A former employee of AIPAC, Steve Rosen, who AIPAC claims was a spy, more appropriately a “caught” spy, now claims his former employer does nothing but spy. Rosen stands to get $20 million in his defamation lawsuit against AIPAC."

I quote Paul Levy, June 12, 2007:

"Impeaching Bush and Co. ultimately won't change anything unless we deal with the corrupt powers which control and direct them. George Bush is just a finger-puppet of the hidden hand which animates him. Bush only has apparent power, as he himself is a minion of far more powerful predator-like forces whose nefarious interests he serves. Whether we call it the illuminati, the global elite, a shadow government, or a secret cabal, there is no doubt that there are darker, self-serving forces that have insinuated themselves into and taken over our government. The terrorists that we should be worried about are domestic terrorists who are actually implementing their agendas from deep within our very system of government itself.

The corporate war machine, which is co-dependently entangled with our government, profits wildly from our invading other sovereign countries. The government-military-industrial complex's solution to the very problem that they created by instigating wars ' more war! It's completely sick and totally insane. And we, in our dulled denial - like hypnotized sheep - simply go along and allow the whole parasitic enterprise to be fed by offering our sons and daughters as fodder. To the extent that we are not shedding light on the utter criminality and insanity of what the Bush administration is doing and saying 'No,' we are all complicit in feeding our own genocide."

Read about:
Jewish Supermacism

The Jewish War Mongers

From left to right: William Kristol, Richard Perle, Ari Fleischer, Israeli Prime Minister and Mass-Murderer Ariel Sharon, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith

The complete list:

1. Richard Perle Chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee;

2. Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon's Policy Advisor;

3. Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Defense Secretary and campaign advisor; Wolfowitz has recently been made head of the World Bank as a reward for his services to International Jewry;

4. Robert Satloff, was U.S. National Security Council Advisor;

5. Rabbi Dov Zekheim, was Under Secretary of Defense and Comptroller;

6. Elliott Abrams, National Security Council Advisor;

7. Marc Grossman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs;

8. Richard Haass, Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Director of National Security Programs;

9. Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State a Pentagon advisor who sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board; His words:
"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

10. James Schlesinger, another Pentagon advisor who also sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board;

11. Robert Zoellick, the U.S.'s Trade Representative;

12. Mel Sembler, President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States;

Israeli citizen Ari Fleischer, who served as the official White House spokesman for the first Bush administration;

13. Joshua Bolten, Bush's Chief Policy Director;

14. Steve Goldsmith, Senior Advisor to the President and domestic policy advisor;

15. Mark Weinberger, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury;

16. Samuel Bodman, Deputy Secretary of Commerce;

17. Bonnie Cohen, Under Secretary of State for Management;

18. Ruth Davis, the Director of the Foreign Service Institute;

19. Lincoln Bloomfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs;

20. Jay Lefkowitz, General Counsel of the Office of Budget and Management;

21. David Frum, Bush's official White House speechwriter;

22. Ken Melman, White House Political Director;

23. Brad Blakeman, White House Director of Scheduling; and, possibly most importantly of all

24. George Tenet, head of the CIA. It was the Jew Tenet who manufactured all the lies, half truths and deceptions about Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

George W. Bush's advisors:

Those advisors include former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage; former National Security advisor Robert Blackwill; former Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Hadley; former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle; former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz; former Undersecretary of Defense Dov Zakheim; and former Undersecretary of State Robert Zoellick. Condoleezza Rice is added as a cover girl to the list, no doubt to pretty up the ugly image of impending Warmakers' foreign policy that is so clear from these men's histories.

Jews in Bush's Administration:

Ari Fleischer White House Press Secretary

Josh Bolten Deputy Chief of Staff

Ken Melman White House Political Director

David Frum Speechwriter

Brad Blakeman White House Director of Scheduling

Dov Zakheim Undersecretary of Defense (Controller)

Paul Wolfowitz Deputy Secretary of Defense

I. Lewis Libby Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Adam Goldman White House Liaison to the Jewish Community

Chris Gersten Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS Elliott Abrams Director of the National Security Council's Office for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations

Mark D. Weinberg Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs

Douglas Feith Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Michael Chertoff Head of the Justice Department's criminal division

Daniel Kurtzer Ambassador to Israel

Cliff Sobel Ambassador to the Netherlands

Stuart Bernstein Ambassador to Denmark

Nancy Brinker Ambassador to Hungary

Frank Lavin Ambassador to Singapore

Ron Weiser Ambassador to Slovakia

Mel Sembler Ambassador to Italy

Martin Silverstein Ambassador to Uruguay

Jay Lefkowitz Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council

"The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a criminal act on an epic scale. It was premeditated mass murder that unleashed a weapon of intrinsic criminality. For this reason its apologists have sought refuge in the mythology of the ultimate "good war", whose "ethical bath", as Richard Drayton called it, has allowed the west not only to expiate its bloody imperial past but to promote 60 years of rapacious war, always beneath the shadow of The Bomb."

"Brzezinski, Holbrooke and Albright form the "Imperialist A-Team"; these are not the bungling "Keystone Cops" neocons like Feith and Rumsfeld who trip over themselves getting out of bed in the morning. These are cold-blooded Machiavellian imperialists who know how to work the media and the diplomatic channels to conceal their genocidal operations behind a smokescreen of humanitarian mumbo-jumbo. They know what they are doing and they are good at it. They're not fools. They have aligned themselves with the Obama camp and are preparing for the next big outbreak of global trouble-making. This should serve as a sobering wake-up call for voters who still think Obama represents "Change We Can Believe In".

"Whipped into a frenzy of religious fervor by the Grahams and the Robertsons, the Falwells and the Hagees, the Lindseys and the La Hayes, these Christian Zionists have become imitation Jews almost indistinguishable from Vladimir Jabotinski and Baruch Goldstein. They believe in a Greater Israel — entailing further conquests of Arab Land — and in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. They have “adopted” illegal settlements and they directly finance the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, the uprooting of olive trees, and the daily oppression of the rightful owners of the Holy Land. They pray every Sunday in their vast soulless churches for the destruction of Iran. And if push came to shove, they would gladly give their blessings to genocide — and call it “the will of God.”

John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel: “Fifty million evangelical Christians unite with five million American Jews, standing together on behalf of Israel....The man or nation that lifts a voice or hand against Israel invites the wrath of God.”

There are now 80,000 fundamentalist pastors and clergy preaching their message of madness to these ill-educated Christian masses — in many ways as gullible and gormless as medieval peasants. The pernicious views of their “pastors” are disseminated by 1000 local Christian radio stations as well as 100 Christian TV stations.

Christian Zionism is the glue that keeps present day state of Israel alive on the US taxpayer's dole.

"We categorically reject Christian Zionist doctrines as a false teaching that corrupts the biblical message of love, justice and reconciliation" – The Jerusalem Declaration

Not all Jews are Zionists. Many reject the Zionist project and fight against it.

Consider the unimaginable war crimes committed by the state of Israel just over a year ago in Gaza. The world saw it happen. Judge Goldstone saw it happen. His meticulously documented report makes it abundantly clear that Israel is a criminal nation and that its politicians and generals are steeped in criminality."

The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today

By John Pilger
Read the article

Click and read: The "Protocol of the Elders of American Neoconservatism"
and the Blood of American Soldiers

But, as the evidence presented above clearly demonstrates, it has been the American soldier who has been stabbed in the back. America's neoconservatives have repeatedly demonstrated that they are quite willing to fight to the last drop of American military blood (but not their own!) for the sake of America's empire, the world's oil and Israel.

"If only our American servicemen and women knew!"

How Neoconservatives Conquered Washington and Launched a War
The Neoconservatives

Too many American politicians have treasonously betrayed the American people by blindly supporting the leading terrorist nation on earth: Israel.

Watch Walid Khlidi's speech about
America and Israel
Professor Walid Khalidi is one of the thinkers
of his generation- ex Oxford,
Princeton and Harvard.

Jewish power is the centerpiece of the American politicians' whole life. The Jewish media determine how the ignorant will view the politician, therefore he can never afford to cross the Jews, or they'll rip him to shreds on the air and in print. The Jewish media determine the range of acceptable debate on all issues important to Jews. They determine how far a politician can go in expressing concern for the Palestinians' plight.

The former head of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, William Fulbright:"Senator William Fulbright, then chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, conducted hearings on foreign influence-buying in Congress in the 1960s. He later said: "I hadn't realized before the hearings that the Jewish lobby was so powerful. I didn't know they were subverting the Congress." He also said: "The lobby can just about tell the President what to do when it comes to Israel. Its influence in Congress is pervasive and, I think, profoundly harmful...to us and ultimately to Israel itself." These comments came from one of the most influential U.S. senators of the twentieth century. Senator Fulbright was known for his courage, for example, in 1954 he challenged Senator Joseph McCarthy, then at the height of his powers. Senator Fulbright also raised strong objections to President Kennedy about the impending Bay of Pigs Cuban invasion. In 1966, Fulbright published The Arrogance of Power in which he attacked the justification for the Vietnam War and Congress' failure to set limits on it."

George Ball, Undersecretary of State 1961 to 1966 and U.S. Permanent Represetative to the U.N. in 1968, on 15 July opened a statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with these words: "The burden of my comments this morning is that our country urgently needs to recast its relations with Israel." He also said after the Israeli invasions of 1956 and 1967, the bombing raid on an Iraqi nuclear reactor, the savage bombing of residential areas of Beirut a month later and the invasion of Lebanon: "Such a protracted sequence of events has established a pattern so routine as to be taken for granted." Ball concluded: "It is a habit we should break. United States policy has marched to an Israeli drum far too long".

He asserted on CBS's Face the Nation that "Israel and its uncritical friends in America controls the United States Senate and consequently control U.S. policy for the middle East. Subsequently he said he saw little hope that Capitol Hill would effectively challenge the Israeli lobby. It was, he said, "suicide for politicians to oppose them."

Senator Fulbright was no dummy; it is in his name that the brightest students scramble after the so-named "Fulbright" scholarships.

PMR Congressman Jim Traficant talks about Jewish control of America

In an interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren in September, 2009,[13] Jim Traficant said he was the top target of AIPAC and the U.S. Justice Department. On the subject of Israel, he stated:

They [Israel] are controlling much of our foreign policy. They're influencing much of our domestic policy. Wolfowitz as undersecretary of defense manipulated President Bush number two back into Iraq. They've pushed definitely, definitely to try to get Bush before he left to move into Iran. We're conducting the expansionist policy of Israel and everybody's afraid to say it. They control much of the media, they control much of the commerce of the country, and they control powerfully both bodies of the Congress. They own the Congress.

Paul Findley

"In my 1985 book, "They Dare to Speak Out," I detailed the tactics used to silence criticism of Israeli policies. One of the groups employing these tactics is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. On its Web site, AIPAC calls itself "America's pro-Israel lobby" and boasts a New York Times description of it as "the most important organization affecting America's relationship with Israel." All citizens have the right to band together and push for policies they believe are right. But AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobby groups do not plead the case for Israel on the stage of public opinion. Instead, they often resort to smear campaigns and intimidation to clear the floor so that only their side is heard."

(Paul Findley 'Carter enters lions' den' .story February 7, 2007).

Several Democrat past leaders, including the famous Senator William Fulbright, have proclaimed for the last 58 years that U.S. foreign policy has been made in Tel Aviv.

The extent of Jewish power was demonstrated recently when Senator J. William Fulbright addressed an audience of 18 million listeners on Meet the Press and replied to a question referring to Israel that there is nothing you can do about it because more than 80% of the Senate are controlled by Jews, practically in those very words. After 32 years in Congress, most of that time as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Fulbright was defeated by a newcomer in the primary which took place a few months later, and was not reelected to Congress.

Congress is already "Israeli-occupied territory"

"The U.S. should retreat back to its more Jeffersonian roots, that it should stop meddling in the affairs of other nations and the private affairs of its own citizens."

AIPAC The Israeli Lobby pt 1 of 5

"The reader might wish to have a look at Kevin MacDonald's The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements where they will learn that "ethnic Jews have a powerful influence in the American media far larger than any other identifiable group. The extent of Jewish ownership and influence on the popular media in the United States is remarkable given the relatively small proportion of the population that is Jewish."

In other words, Israel is in control of the means of creating the "official culture" of America to suit its own agenda, including making the terms "conspiracy theory" and "anti-Semitic" such horrible epithets that no one would dare to speak anything that might put them at risk of be so branded!"

It is useful to keep George Washington's warning constantly in mind: "Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government."

Zionism and AIPAC are foreign influence in USA.

Click & Watch the Video,
AIPAC: The Voice of America

Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, and the others got into politics knowing ahead of time that if elected they would have to play by Jewish rules.

All the world is at risk when the world's greatest nuclear superpower is having its strings pulled by a bunch of arrogant megalomaniacs who believe that they are God's chosen people and can do whatever they want.

The U.S. is so willing to let Israel lead America into finishing up what Hitler started. The players change but the game is still the same: state sponsored racism.

Christian-Zionists (Unholy Alliance):

Who are they and what do they believe:

America is acting strictly in Israel's interest. The U.S. government has no will of its own where Israel is involved. What the U.S. can and cannot do in the Middle East is determined by the Israeli government through the power and influence of the Israeli Lobby in the U.S., which has penetrated all the U.S. government Departments, including the Defence. For Israel the Pentagon is 'stop and shop'. George Ball, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said on the "60 Minutes" interview that the Israeli Lobby "has done an enormous job of corrupting the American democratic process."

The administration's announcement last week, (April 2005), that it was supplying 100 "bunker-buster" bombs to the Israel Air Force was the most blatant sign that America is likely to sanction an Israeli attack on the underground uranium-enrichment facilities in Iran. For now, it's only a deterrent: It will be months before the bombs arrive in Israel and the pilots are trained to drop them. But everyone is fully aware of the intended use of such armaments, which until today have not been supplied to any country outside the the United States.

I quote a conscientious American, Henry H. Lindner, MD:

"We Americans must begin to ask ourselves, why did we support the violent creation of the state of Israel, by Jews and for Jews, with no regard for the rights of the inhabitants of Palestine? Why did we support the Zionists as they killed, terrorized and expelled 750,000 non-Jewish civilians from their homes in 1947 to 1949? Why did we support the Israeli invasion of Syria, Egypt, and the West Bank in 1967, the expulsion of another 500,000 non-Jews from these territories, and the 35-year military occupation? Why have we supported this Zionist/Israeli war against the people of Palestine and the surrounding countries for 55 years? We Americans, blinded by false information and religious/racial prejudice, have granted this Jewish racial state a moral carte blanche to discriminate against non-Jews and commit any atrocity."

"When it comes to terror and the Arabs, writes Gideon Samet, editorial board member at Israel's leading liberal newspaper, Haaretz, the United States has become "more Israeli than the Israelis...."

"Just because our fellow citizens in this country are fed an atrociously biased diet of ignorance and misrepresentation by the media, when the occupation is never referred to in lurid descriptions of suicide attacks, the 25 feet high, five feet thick, and 350 kilometers long that Israel is building is never even shown on CNN and the networks (or so much as referred to in passing throughout the lifeless prose of the roadmap), and the crimes of war, the gratuitous destruction and humiliation, maiming, house demolitions, agricultural destruction, and death imposed on Palestinian civilians are never shown for the daily, completely routine ordeal that they are, one shouldn't be surprised that Americans in the main have a very low opinion of Arabs and Palestinians."
Prof. Edward Said

Some of the acts of segregation in Israel include towns for Jews only, immigration laws that allow Jews from around the world to immigrate but deny displaced indigenous Palestinians that same right, and national healthcare and school systems that receive significantly more funding in Jewish towns than in Arab towns.

A quote from "Mid East Peace An Illusion? - By Pat Buchanan":

"When Israeli and U.S. policies clash, it is U.S. presidents who back down. For 30 years, the United States has held that settlements in the territories occupied in the 1967 war were "illegal" and impediments to peace. Yet, despite $100 billion in U.S. aid to Israel since 1972 ? $20,000 for every Israeli ? the number of settlers has risen from 8,400 to 357,000. Israel ignores U.S. pleas and demands, for it knows they are bluster and bluff, designed for Arab consumption".

The veto and the case
for impeaching President Obama


Jews in the Obama Administration,

Israel is the U.S.'s spoiled child.

Americans dying for the Jews

Charley Reese

"But let's lay out the undeniable facts. Israel considers Iran its main threat. Israel wants a U.S. attack against Iran. The Israeli lobby does what the Israeli government tells it to do. Anybody who claims the Israeli lobby is just another lobby is either ignorant or lying. The Israeli lobby is the second most, if not the most, powerful lobby in America. So, sit back and watch the Israeli amen corner start the propaganda to push America to war with Iran just as it did in the case of Iraq. In my opinion, Americans who want American youth to die and bleed for the benefit of a foreign country are guilty of more than dual loyalty."

Former US Secretary of State James Baker uttered his infamous remark about Israel’s Jewish American supporters: “Fuck the Jews, they don’t even vote for us.”

Usrael: These are the leaders of
the greatest country on earth (Video)

Uri Avnery speaks, 16.09.2006:

How many soldiers and civilians, Israeli and Arab, must die before we finally understand that peace with the Palestinian people and the entire Arab world is immeasurably more important to Israel than trying to hang on to the occupied territories and the settlements?

Read the article

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Jeff Gates | Anthony Lawson - Part 3 of 3: A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism

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Israel's World Records

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when you have the time

Take Time to PRAY... It is the greatest power on earth.

Let us pray for just and durable everlasting peace.

"ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL" by Andrew Hurley, 345 page documantary, may be the best historically documented expose of the hijacking of the American Congress. It is a popular lament that, "Congress is out of control," but nothing could be further from the truth. Author Andrew Hurley explains that Congress is not under the control of its constituents but answers to a foreign power.

For those who have tried to find the "road to peace" in the Middle East, it has been a treacherous journey, inevitably ending in bitter disappointment

...."Andrew Hurley"

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