Peled: The peace talks brought only losses on the Palestinians




RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The Israeli author of the book "The Generalís Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine" called on the Palestinians to renounce the peace talks which he said brought nothing but more losses on them and further gains for the Israelis.

In a symposium organized on Sunday by the scientific library in Ramallah, Miko Peled, the author of the book, stated that the history teaches humanity that the strong party never makes concessions voluntarily, but it must be pressured by all means to make it do so.

Peled expressed his belief that the Palestinians are undoubtedly the rightful owners of the land and the Israeli story upon which he was raised was a lie.

The Israeli author said that he was told during the time of his upbringing and early education that the wars that had been waged by Israel were only in self-defense, but now he is fully aware of the fact that these lies led to continual ethnic cleansing and mass killings.

Peled also stressed that he does not consider Israel a democratic state because it discriminates against the Palestinians and ignores them, although they constitute more than half of its population.

He affirmed that the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) that occurred in 1948 is ongoing because the killing of Palestinians, their displacement, the demolition of their homes and many other violations that had happened to them at the time are still there.

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